Stockton, California

Banner Island Park

August 15, 2009

[Ana Pufmama]

Review by Ana Pufmama

I drove for 10 hours, but it was worth it all.

The support act was nice, got the mood rising.

Willy Nelson was great, his voice was strong and fine, he rocked the
ballpark, threw a variety of headwear into the crowd, and

Wooed us with his kind smile and fun attitude to life. John was great too, and
hasnít changed in the last 20 years. His 14yr old son played fine guitar, and
has the looks of a future star.

As the stage was being set for Dylan I was positioned right on the front
rail in front of his keyboards.. Praise The Lord.. First the sweet perfume of
Bobs incense, which gave me the feeling that I was in his living room. It was
like breathing him in. His band walked out, then he was there. I was so happy
that I wore pink and black, as I matched my guy. He wore a dark pink satin
shirt with a large diamond clip at the neck. A black jacket with a diamond
clip on each breast pocket and cuffs. A big diamond finger ring, and black
jeans with the stripe. The black fedora with feather. He looked so young,
seriously heís going back in age. The flies were bugging him and he tossed his
hair around (swoon).

He opened with Ballad of a Thin Man. The crowd went wild, although it was a
ballpark the ground was shaking, and I could feel the music all through me..
He sang with power and his high clear voice alternating with his deep growls.
He was singing with some anger. Next Forever Young had me bawling like a baby
( I didnít want Bob to see me crying but I couldnít stop it). My lovely Russian 
friends said he sang it for me. On Beyond here lies nothing, he was
pulling back his lips and singing with passion. The set was full of great
songs. Hollis Brown had me weeping again, the way he sang it, again bearing
his teeth like he was angry, made one feel every word. I'm not mentioning every
song in the set, but his renditions were fine and original. He had us
dripping sweat with Thunder on the mountain, and Jolene was awesome.  I was
sad for watchtower cos I knew it was the end. Please use any negative gig
reports for toilet paper. This was the highlight of my life so far. The best concert 
I ever attended and managed once again to be right in front of him. Now I have 
no voice, and very painful calf muscles from dancing. Can't wait for October when 
the new tour starts.

Ana Pufmama


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