Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

August 25, 2014

[Minh McCloy]

Review by Minh McCloy

If you want to understand just how good Bob and his Band were in Brisbane
on Monday night read some of the reviews from Perth or Melbourne. That
good! Plus more - then put yourself there - you wish! Oh yes you do.

So I won't talk about how each song mesmerised and delighted. They all
did. Each song in a unique and energising way.

I want to remember Bob.

You want energy? There were waves of it coming off the stage and streaming
through the crowd. Bob was both the primary source and focusing lens of
the band's brilliance.

And the man and his moves? Our five member cohort offered loose-hipped,
strutting and swanning as descriptors. All were correct but insufficient
even in combination. Sensual anyone? Feral?

Bob seemed happy - embedded, enmeshed in his own music being played by
THOSE musicians. And I do mean happy or possibly delighted, perhaps
ecstatic. Those waves rolling off the stage carried pleasure and
satisfaction with the immaculate performances.

And so to the voice.

It is the master's voice being used to optimal effect to convey, present,
deliver his music - vintage.

There were some songs that approached perfection. The voice conspired,
(breathed with), each instrumentalist, the music and us - a benison. The
heart, soul and essence of that experience was that astonishing magical

In a venue that granted access rather than distance.

Thank you Master Dylan.

There are no more words.

minh mcCloy


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