Canberra, Australia

Royal Theatre
National Convention Centre

August 29, 2014

[Nick Miller]. [James Mackie]

Review by Nick Miller

Before the concert we run into people who also saw Dylan in the rain on
April Fools' Day 1978 at the Sydney Showgrounds. No rain tonight and we
have time before the prompt 8 pm start to check out the stage resplendent
with statue bust. The set list is as before on the tour (except Fortitude
Valley) - again Dylan is in fine voice, the band in great form (Charlie
working particularly hard) and the audience appreciative. Favourites for
me tonight are a lilting She Belongs To Me, a beautiful Simple Twist of
Fate, a devastating Early Roman Kings and a mournful Forgetful Heart.
Again just a pleasure to be in the same room as Dylan and another 
fabulous night.     

Nick Miller
Sydney, Australia


Review by James Mackie

Friday in Canberra is my first show this tour.  We meet up with our
daughter for dinner and all go to the show.  Chat with people walking in
they are recalling Sydney Showground in 1978 in the mud.  I was there, it
was my first Bob show.   Over 30 live shows around the globe but I still
fell under educated.  I am unfamiliar with the Royal Theatre in Canberra,
seems like a good venue for the show.

I was surprised just how good this show was. As they say Bob owned the
room, the audience was spellbound. Lots of harmonica and 3 harmonica solos
on many songs.   The highlights for me on the night were. Workingman's
Blues #2, Duquesne Whistle,   Forgetful Heart.  The Watchtower + Blowin
encore is creative and a real crowd pleaser.  My daughter at 20, not a Bob
fan only came along to humour me I suspect  said after the show "wow that
was really good". 

The relative positions of the band is interesting. He now seems to
interact more with Charlie and George rather than Tony. Am I imaging this
or have others observed this.


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