Fort Wayne, Indiana

Memorial Stadium
September 5, 2006

[Jason Blakeley]

Review by Jason Blakeley

Bob was feeling good, and so was the crowd on this strange night in

Tangled up in Blue was clear as could be, and sounded wonderful.  Masterís
of War the same, surprisingly clean vocals on both songs.  Arrangements
have become perfected, and nearly each song rang true to this statement. 
Nice to see Bob mixing he set up a bit, although I still long for Time out
of Mind songs replacing Summer Days or Tweedle Dee, which I personally
have seen at the last 8 shows Iíve been attended.

Also, no new songs played once again, very interestingly heís holding on
to some of these newfound gems for future gigís Ė I canít question his

Closed with Rolling Stone and Watchtower, wonderful rock songs; the crowd
goes crazy and so do I sometimes, longing for Highlands or something
obscure.  I guess you canít please everyone and Iíll still be showing up
whenever Bobby brings his band nearby.

Very good show, very good indeed, I could use about 3 full hours of the
band instead of 1 ĺ though.  All in all my complaining is a mixture of
wishful thinking and the fact that Iím tired, not of Bob, but tired of
being awake for today.

Looking forward to the fall tour, maybe some new songs will be in the
sets.  As Iíve reported in the past, if you like music, and you have any
interest in Bobby, go to a show.  He sounds great, if you can appreciate
his history and what he does with his delivery to make up for and notes he
can no longer pull out of the pipes


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