Nashville, Tennessee

Ryman Auditorium

September 20, 2007

[Russ Heldman], [Bryan Cruce]

Review by Russ Heldman

The great Bob Dylan revival continued in full swing, not missing a bang of 
momentum from the Jack White induced glory which resounded from
the night before. From the better than usual "Cats" which opened all the
way to the balmy sweet closer "Released," the new Modern Times Revue kept
pace with the euphoria which bursted from the night before. If Jack White
had chosen not to show up again, we could have walked away more than
pleased by the energy Dylan displayed all night in the robust performances
of such usual suspects, "High Water,' "Ain't Talkin'," "Tangled," "Lay,
Lady, Lay" and a hellfire and brimstone rendition of "Ballad of a Thin
Man." And we would especially be singing the praises of Donnie Herron who
more than punctuated and informed each song with extraordinary
instrumental paintings......BUT Jack returned and brought "One More Cup Of
Coffee" back from the dead, a song which seems to have been crippled and
buried away after the Dead performances in 1987. The song clearly
experienced a revival rich in moaning and earthy sound complimented nicely
by the violin of Herron which was very reminiscent of the Rolling Thunder
genre of Scarlet Rivera. Then Jack gave a head-fake toward "From A Buick
6" and unveiled "Outlaw Blues" which cooked notches hotter than the old
"Summer Days" jams done by Campbell- Sexton team in 2002. Even Bob grinned
long and sincere as he punch-fisted Jack in appreciation for Jack's
bringing this treasure all back home with a Jimmy Page like performance. A
great follow-up to a greater first night. I believe Nashville is finally
satisfied with Bob Dylan.    

Russ Heldman


Review by Bryan Cruce

I had a wonderfull feeling when I saw that Bob was playing the  Ryman
Church Auditorium. It would be the ideal venue for him to reach and teach 
like only he can do when he wants to. Scheduled to be nowhere near
Nashville,  several interesting changes put me in the area. I guess I was
supposed to  be there after all. The 9/19 show is summed up perfectly in
the first review  listed. It was sensational. Like everyone was being
smiled upon. Anticipation  for the second show had me crazy all the next
day. Bobby D had delivered a  knocked out loaded punch and he was coming
back for more. Elvis C  started, killed again and came back for a standing
O  encore. Everything was in place. The congregation was ready. Bob  came
on and turned it up yet another notch from the previous night,  just as
though he was called upon to do so. He sure seemed to have fun  doing it.
For two nights I smiled a lot and laughed out  loud  when he fooled me
with Lay Lady and Stuck Inside of Mobile. A  methodic, piercing I Shall Be
Released ended the show. What more could you ask  for in the Mother


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