Copenhagen, Denmark
Royal Arena

September 30, 2022

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet


Copenhagen.The FLIXBUS takes me from göteberg to Copenhagen in 5 hours.
Nothing to do, just relax and watch the green fields and automne leaves
starting to fall from the trees. And I miss you most of all my
darling....Marcus, my couchsurfing host, directs me to reach his apartment
in south Copenhagen:First the S line A train and then I walk 30 minutes in
an area surrounded by water and little parks. Magnificent! It looks very
agreeable to live here.Marcus will also go to the Bob Dylan show tonight,
so I recommend for him to listen to the "Rough and Rowdy ways"...just to
be in the spirit :).By 5.15pm we walk the two blocks to the bus stop. In
Copenhagen people use the bicycle or the public transportation.We arrive
at the venue shortly before 6pm.It's again a huge Arena. 12000?I believe
it will be like Stockholm, half full.But what do I know?Marcus gets inside
while I stay out trying to sell my paintings.The throng of people coming
from the metro is infinite. For one hour non stop, fans are passing by
me.  I meet a young woman from Italy who seems to know me well.
Also another woman I used to meet , here and there. Two young boys will
give me some coins for a print.And the young boy from yesterday who sent
me 40€ by PayPal is also here with a friend.I start to be quite popular
:)By 7pm I get in line. My feet tired and my head all wired.Thanks again
to my good friend Bjørn-Tore I have a ticket tonight. Surprisingly
exactly the same seat I took in Göteberg;Floor, last row of the second
section, by the sound board.I chat a while with an American fan who saw
Bob Dylan with George Harrison and Ringo for the concert for Bangladesh.
Also a show from the rolling thunder revue 1. We promise to keep in
touch.I say hi to Jason passing by and take my seat.To contradict my
prevision the hall is fully packed.Shortly after 8pm.The show starts.Same
as göteberg. No guitar. Bob all in black.Bob seems tired. He will be
seated at the piano for most of his solos , disappearing totally.He moves
center stage after "I contain multitudes" but will say "thank you" only
after "masterpiece"It sounds like "false prophet" has a new
arrangement???"I'll be your baby tonight" is really agressif. A bit
cynic.Bob presents himself center stage after a great "Rubicon "."Key west
" is as clear as crystal.After "Serve somebody" I see fume coming from the
stage. The stage is on fire??? Just to discourage the photos, I guess. And
another "thank you".The presentation of the Band is quick and
simple.Before the final "EGOS".WELL! I have the feeling Bob was physically
tired. Not standing too long.The sound was great and...The public
incredibly respectful.I see only few movements in between the songs. No
chattings or even murmurings.An audience mixed of age; young, middle age
and older folks.That was a good show considering the large arena and
public. Not my best , with no surprise or specificity and a Bobby not
in his best joking mood. Not even angry :(But I love the public and
Copenhagen people in general.Two shows in a smaller venue would have been
a lot more fun. Those sport arenas don't fit the intimacy of the
setlist.Hopefully the next few shows will be more "intimate".Thank you all
good people.Thank you Bobby and rest well before the Germany leg.


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