Oslo, Norway

Oslo Konserthus

October 1, 2015

[Steinar Daler], [Hermann Rechberger]

Review by Steinar Daler

In my hometown of Oslo, most people I talked to after the concert last
night were happy, some were even very happy and some newcomers were
surprised by his good singing and the great band. The reviews in Norwegian
newspapers today are telling about a very good concert.

Yes! The band is great!

Yes! Bob’s singing is great!

Yes! The arrangements are great!

Yes! The venue and the sound was great as well!

BUT, I have seen Bob in more than 200 concerts, and to me it is one of the
few concerts I have seen that I rate really low.

WHY? When I’m going to a Dylan concert, I want Dylan songs, not a 
«Sinatra» cover band (even if I probably like this «cover band’s
vocalist» better than «old blue eyes». To me the 7 «Sinatra songs»
performed are boring – not my kind of music. «Autumn Leaves» is kind
of OK, but I know at least 500 Dylan songs I like better. A couple of his
own songs played last night; «Beyond Here Lies Nothing» and «Spirit On
The Water» is also kind of boring. And «Early Roman Kings» is not a
masterpiece either. More or less 10 songs I don’t like or feel are
boring – that’s half the concert. I can’t remember last time I saw a
Dylan concert with half the setlist boring. Maybe never.

I have of course heard Dylan doing cover songs that I have loved during
all the years since 1978. I can name a lot, but 7 boring covers in the
same concert I have never heard before.

Nice versions of «Duquesne Whistle», «Tangled Up In Blue», «High
Water» and «Blowin In The Wind» and really great versions (as always)
of «Long And Wasted Years» and «Love Sick» is not enough for me to
call it a good concert.

Don’t know what to expect tonight, probably the same thing. My only
realistic hope is that he will play «That Lucky Old Sun», the only song
from «Shadows In The Night» that I really like.

Steinar Daler


Review by Hermann Rechberger

after thinking often on what I have experienced at the first few shows 
here is my review of October 1:
what it was I’m still not sure
arriving a few hours ago, the usual foolish behavior, cruising to the venue and 
see the busses are already there, looking for some posters but no 
announcement as expected.
Bob and the band are in fine form from the first note, and thank god no 
changes in the band. First three songs as expected, then the first change 
compared to summer. Instead of Workingman’s Blues #2 came the first tune 
of Shadows In The Night. When the album was out I must admit that I didn’t 
expect to hear it ever live as I couldn’t believe Bob could „hold“ his voice as 
clear as on the album. Foolish me: it is unbelievable how good his voice was
and how well rehearsed it all seems. Although this songs are very very slow the 
band is on fire with expressive (spare) licks from Charlie and Donnie.

It’s time to mention the most important thing, IMO: no changes in the 
sensational band.

The first half of the show proves that the changes in the pattern are that all
"slower" songs are replaced by new tracks from Shadows In The Night 
(3 before the intermission, 7 overall which led to some discussions amongst the
true followers).  After Love Sick as stormy final in summer now Tangled 
switched to the end of the first set which makes the show more comparable to
 a dramatic theater play!
The rest is told shortly: every day you wish that there would be more changes
in the set and you can’t believe he is doing so much songs from the new album. 
On the other hand every tune has sheer brilliance and who are we to tell the 
Enigma what to do?
I heard people discussing that that bunch of Sinatra is a bit boring and 
sometimes I had the same feeling but then I proove my own impression I must
admit that it is clear that the songs mean a lot to Bob. He is singing with such
an engagement that is sheer unbelievable.
Remembering the Fall 2014 tour it had the same mixed emotions with 
Stay With Me. One the one hand it sounded like Bob and the other four guys 
aren’t even playing in the same band, on the other hand every single note is so 
deeply impressive that you could’nt get it out off your head for a long time. 
I would never ever miss hearing this song live.
And so my conclusion of the first shows of Fall 2015 was well described by Bob:
I know it’s wrong, it must be wrong
But right or wrong I can’t get along – without you!
Hermann Rechberger


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