Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm Waterfront

October 6, 2015

[Anders Tidström]

Review by Anders Tidström

Dylan at Stockholm Waterfront. 49 years ago I heard him at Stockholm´s
Konserthus. After all these years it´s the same Dylan. He delivers what´s
important to him and it tends to be important to the audience as well
(mostly). There has been three shows in Oslo and now two in Stockholm as a
start on this leg of his tour 2015. The set list has almost been permanent
till now. Of course I can give a lot of detailed opinions about Dylan and
what he´s doing on stage. But I prefer recommending reading the
Oslo-reviews by Steinar Daler (10/1) and Johnny Borgan (10/3). Very
interesting focus! Daler states things but Borgan disagree. This brings
you thoughts about possible/impossible expectations and views on Dylan.
Daler argues (after seeing Dylan 200 times) as if Dylan now isn´t genuine
anymore when singing old time covers also live. Borgan points at the
interesting fact that there has been disappointment like this through all
years. Dylan goes electric – no, Dylan goes country – why, Dylan goes
gospel – oh God, and now Dylan sings Sinatra – boo! I think Borgan is on
the spot: THIS IS DYLAN! Dylan is genuine bringing musical treasures he
truely believes in. And finally I must confess: Duquesne whistle, Pay in
blood, Scarlet town and Blowin´in the wind were energy sparkling and The
night we called it a day and Autumn leaves were honey smelling goodies.
The Bob Dylan we after all expect just appeared in show. Very Dylan, very

Anders Tidström


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