Berlin, Germany
Verti Music Hall

October 7, 2022

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet


Berlin III. Octobre 7th. 

Nothing much happen in the morning.

I still can't take a shower 'cause my Couchsurfing host has her laundry 
drying in the bath tub for two days now.???
I finish reading my book and start requesting hosting in the UK. 

In the afternoon I join a friend/fan in a nice area of Berlin. It's a little bit
like Christiania in Copenhagen.

Nice hangout by the river. 

Then I'm supposed to get a ticket from another friend. 

There is a little confusion and I end up paying a lot for that
ticket( a lot according to my way of life). It's a second row central and
everyone around me is crazy about it. I'm afraid a lot fans/Bobcats don't
understand my way of dealing with the tickets. I just can't afford to buy
tickets, whatever the seat! I'm called "greedy" and a "free loader" by
people who don't know to live or travel on a small budget. "I've been
influenced by fools" and I keep the Tix. Might also be my only chance to
see Bob close. 

Alright. In I walk to the second row central. Bob is right on
time and at the piano. I decide to forget about the crowd and focus on 
the stage. Yes, it's a great feeling to be so close and feel like part of the
Band :) 

I know Bobby 's face. I try to focus on his expressions. He has a
grin/smile right after "When I paint my masterpiece". But this is it !No
much expressions. Maybe some eyes rising on some lyrics with a note
getting high. I stand up every time he is center stage. His shirt is the
right size and all colorful. His pants and jacket are embroidered. I follow
every line on his lips of every single song. The songs are all well
delivered. I see that he is holding the piano with his left hand at times.
He's trying to be up behind the piano but for the solos he is sited. 

He moves center stage maybe four times and say "thank you" few times. 
He is talkative introducing the Band. Particularly with Doug Lancio and Bob

No harp on EGOS. A piano solo.That was , of course, MY best
show. Maybe not MY best day. 

I try to socialise after the show but ... it's a mistake. I ain't a Bobcat. 
I do have issues others don't get :) I'll be on the road for few more 
weeks so I keep my energy high for....Dylan! Thanks
Bobby you made my day. 

Thanks to the nice couple who bought my paintings. Thanks to the 
happy funny young people on the tram.

Next Krefeld and it's another story 


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