Paris, France
Grand Rex

October 12, 2022

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet


Paris II. Octobre 12

What will be the day?A cup of chai tea to start a
nice Automne Wednesday. So far the "Gods go easy with me.".Thanks to
Hans I do have a ticket tonight.Thank you, Good Samaritan! My friend
Ben invited me to visit Orsay museum with him.I've been there about three
times. It's still a fabulous trip to make.We spend four hours in
admiration. They have a specific Munch exhibit. Not my most favorite
painter but interesting to see that he didn't paint only...."the cry".With
Ben we split by 5pm and I catch a metro to Le Grand Rex ; "My feet are so
tired. My brain is all wired".By 6pm Bob will walk the block down the
street to the backstage door????All hoodied and wearing a mask, gloves and
green windbreak, yellowish pants and shoes.He looks fit :)Surrounded by
Erik and "security Bob".That's the trick they were playing ; dropping him
at the corner of the street a block up.They may have another trick for

By 7pm fans start  piling up in the bistros nearby.
Chatting about....Bob Dylan:)Tony Garnier is seen walking around.Say hello
to Tony he's a great guy !I recognize a lot faces....Bobcats from all

By 8pm I step in. My seat is behind the soundboard. There is no bad
seat in Le Grand Rex.Patrons are seated in time and the show starts.Bob at
the piano and sounding good by the second or third song. The Band
tunes their instrument with what I believe a Dixie  instrumental :)
"oh Suzanna" and Bob chats with Britt and Tony before the first
song.Arriving at 6pm I don't believe he was part of the sound
check."Watching the river flow" sounds different. More
staccato."Masterpiece" has no harp."My own version of you" is
breathtaking. We could hear a pin drops."I'll be your baby tonight" is the
funny one. Bob is always changing it. Tonight he will sing
twice "I'll be your Baby CE SOIR" in a perfect French.And he'll get
an ovation from the Frenchies.Few times he'll move center stage but few the dark. The light man is not responsive enough!He's wearing
his green shirt.Bob is delivering his Poetry with application.No over
doing the piano, which gives the guitars more power.Charley is powerful on
his drums , cymbals and...pearls...on "Black rider".Donnie is still
wearing a mask and some fan told me at times is was not playing....not
sure!"Key west" is delivered in absolute silence. With 'happiness'
introduced as a change.The public is respectful. Only some moving in
between the songs."I've made up my mind to give myself to you".YOU being
highly emphasized.And the audience responds with applauses."Serve
somebody" is the way I like. Rocking hard. Too bad I'm not on the aisle to
have my freedom of for "Jimmy Reed".I listen to "Mother of
Muses" with great attention as my friend Bob Russell is sited first row
and I send him some good vibrations :)Bob will chat presenting the Band.
Particularly on Doug Lancio. Mentioning he played in many recordings???To
my regret. 

I leave the Rex before the end of "Every grain of sand" .If Bob
gives kisses away I want to be the first one to catch one :):)But tonight
is another night.Security is tight and Bob is covered with his hoodie and
mask again."Security Bob" , Erik and Suzie will let no one touching the
LEGEND.Bye bye Bobby. Good night. Sweet dreams.See you tomorrow.
Thank you all the good Samaritans helping me on that Tour.


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