Berlin, Germany

Oslo Konserthus

October 13, 2015

[Matthias Steuke]

Review by Matthias Steuke

shadows and light
the master's here to hold court
the captain already
delegates the crowd
the master finally appears
with his weather-beaten voice
he talks to us
we start to swim
in the dim sound
the master he hides
inside the headlights
behind the microphone barrier
still we hear him clear
the captain
he walks like the master
directs us out
of our inner disaster
while night falls like drizzle
by and by
the ceremony must come to an end
is set to decease
will be born again
just like it always was
when dawn cracks
upon the million maze
through the dark haze
we stagger home
the master's face
still in mind
furrowed and full of life
he sends us out
with secretly smiling eyes
in the trees
voices whisper
one belongs to yulia
who once was with us
but things have changed
i'm out of rage
and completely still
his words echoing long in my ear
we were not far
from crossing that river
but the train pulled us away
right on time
like on every common day
i walk home through streets
that are all dead
so many things crowded
in my head
so many things
left unsaid
Matthias Steuke


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