Dayton, Ohio

Wright State University
Nutter Center

October 16, 2007

[David Moore], [John Ward],

Review by David Moore

My personal oddessy of 5 consecutive shows in 7 nights: Day 3 - Dayton OH,
10/15/07 - The EJ Nutter Center @ Wright State University (basketball

First and foremost, Dayton let Dylan down tonight.  Where was everybody
at?  For a show on yet another college campus (which is great idea by the
way), the place was bare except for the floor area down below.  He's had a
great run of playing to absolutely packed houses lately, and the final
swing of the October run will surely be no different.  Tonight will have
to go down as the worst attended stop of Fall 2007... happy Dayton?  Maybe
that's why I'm kinda aggravated, I just hate it when Bobby has to walk out
to only 1,500 souls in the audience... just kinda makes me cringe.

Secondly, I don't know where they get all these fake fruitcake security
frauds with their damn yellow shirts and flashlights.  In no other city is
security as overbearing as Dayton.  I was unjustly harrassed numerous
times, and I didn't appreciate it.  I wasn't bothering anybody... I didn't
have a rifle or rocketlauncher on me - but they sure acted like it if you
dared to touch even your cell phone.  Sorry about all the negativity...
there was actually a great show being played there too of course.

Tonight was simply an awesome all-around show.  The setlist had a few
twists, and all of the arrangements were great.  I found myself quite
enjoying certain songs that I never particulary cared for live... one of
those kind of nights.  Highlights would have to be "It Ain't Me, Babe",
"Love Sick", "The Levee's Gonna Break", "High Water (For Charlie Patton)",
"My Back Pages", "Summer Days", and "Masters Of War".  This was the first
time that I ever caught "Pages" live, and therefore heard how it's being
arranged nowadays.  It was really something, probably the coolest piece of
the evening.  "Masters" was strange in that Bobby got back on guitar for
it, being song #14 and the last one before the encores.  Bill says that it
was reported that Bobby's keyboards suddenly brokedown, so he just picked
up the guitar instead.  The guitar may not have even been turned on... it
could have been just a touch of showmanship to save an akward moment. 
Good stuff.

The other pieces weren't "lowlights" tonight, as everything honestly
sounded really good.  They just weren't quite "highlights".  You had
"Rainy Day Women #12 & 35", "Watching The River Flow", "Spirit On The
Water", "Things Have Changed", "Workingman's Blues #2", "Highway 61
Revisited", "Nettie Moore", "Thunder On The Mountain", and "All Along The

Costello was back after a night off, and Amos Lee introduced some new
songs into his setlist.  This really was a great show, just too bad again
that noone was there to see it.  Those had to be the smallest seats I've
ever encontered... I mean everyone was on top of everyone.  If I started
clapping, the two guys next to me were guaranteed to get elbowed in the
ribs.  And the heat in that place...

Oh well, off down I-75 now about 160 miles or so to Louisville... hope to
see you there in about 17 hours.

David Moore
Fairfield, Ohio 


Review by John Ward

This is the second Bob Dylan show that I have experienced. The first one
was back in the 70's when he was in his Vegas phase. I was extremely
impressed with Dylan and his band last night. I was really surprised how
much Dylan put into his 2 hour show. It just totally blew me away that he
can still deliver his lyrics in such a powerful and yes intelligible way.
Highlights for me was Highway 61 Revisited, When the Leevee Breaks, Nettie
Moore, and My Back Pages. I was really not expecting such a rockin', high
energy, high voltage show.  I really think that more people need to get
out and see Dylan because he really puts his heart into his performance. 
While I went to the show hoping to hear "Tangled Up in Blue"."Like a
Rolling Stone" and some of other favorites I was really amazed how Dylan
has improved on the songs from Modern Times and Love and Theft. An
absolutely great performance.

I took my 25 year old son to the show and he also was blown away. We
both liked Elvis' show as well. It was just a strong performance for
just a guy and a guitar. Although I have to admit when he did the Van
Morrison song it made me wish I watching Morrison do it.

John A.Ward


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