Louisville, Kentucky

Freedom Hall

October 17, 2007

[Brian Ruschman], [David Moore]

Comments by Brian Ruschman

This show was so different from the Cincinnati experience from Monday
night.  I guess you can chalk it up to the arena setup as opposed to the
theater.  It was my seventh show and although the seats were nearly
completely empty at the top, Bob rocked as if to a sold out house.  I
think that his band is the best yet.  I was surprised by LARS for the
encore, but that song never gets old to me.

After the show, I got to meet the man himself with about 15 others by his
bus.  Thanks for a great show Bob!  See you next go-around!

Brian Ruschman
Alexandria, KY


Review by David Moore

My personal oddessy of 5 consecutive shows in 7 nights: Day 4 - Louisville
KY, 10/17/07 - Freedom Hall @ The Kentucky Fair & Expo Center (University
of Louisville Cardinal's basketball arena). Another great venue, I liked
this place.  Good crowd turn out too, this was a really great night.  With
this being my 4th show in a row, I really didn't expect anything new or
different.  But there were some memorable highlights worth mentioning:

Amos Lee came out with some more fresh material, the setlist was quite
different than previous nights.  I got the chance to run into him and his
band in Cincinnati a few nights ago, outside by his tour bus.  He's a nice
down-to-earth guy, with a smoking hot blonde girlfriend to boot.  His
guitar player is quite talented too (sorry, forgot his name), and he looks
like he's about 16 years old when he's up on stage.  I had to ask him, and
he's actually 25.  A nice guy too... and that kid can sure play.

Costello seemed pretty fired up on stage, he was rather entertaining.  He
threw in an incredible cover of the Beatles "You've Got To Hide Your Love
Away", along with the Buddy Holly/Rolling Stones/Grateful Dead standard
"Not Fade Away".  

As for Dylan, he was pretty laid back... and sounded great throughout.  It
wasn't much of a "rocking" night, except for maybe "Rollin' & Tumblin'" &
"Summer Days".  Everything else had a nice mellow vibe to it, we just all
sat back and soaked it all in.  My personal highlight was the emergence of
"The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll".  I've always loved this song since
hearing his 1975 Rolling Thunder version, so this was a special treat for
me.  "Masters Of War" was nice, and there was definitely something
different about it... I just can't put my finger on it to try and
accurately describe it.  I think that Stu had some alternate rhythm
running beneath the piece or something.  A change in the encore from
"Watchtower" to "Rolling Stone" was cool too... kinda took me back to last
year's run of shows leading up to the release of Modern Times.

I'm actually glad that tonight is an "off night"... I need the rest!  Off
to Bloomington tomorrow to hopefully finish off the week with a bang. 
Like always, I hope to see you all there.

David Moore
Fairfield, Ohio  


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