Seattle, Washington

Paramount Theatre

October 18, 2014

[Steve Rostkoski], [Doug Wilber], [Carole Kanani]

Review by Steve Rostkoski

The crowd was more restless this evening and security pounced on anyone
even thinking of taking out their cell phone. Even though I don't think
people should be using their phones during concerts, it was annoying to
have audience members and security walking back and forth in front of me
all night. Despite the tight security, I decided to run down to the front
of the stage during the "Blowin' in the Wind" encore. Nobody stopped me,
so I ended up about ten feet away from Dylan as he was at the piano. I've
never had the opportunity to get so close at a Dylan show, so this was a
nice little bonus.

I was amazed at how dim the onstage lighting was. Even close up, it was
still somewhat difficult to see the onstage action in any detail (and not
just because I wasn't wearing my glasses). The current lighting setup is a
stripped down version of what I saw in 2012. Old-time theatrical
spotlights on stands bathe the stage in a warm yellow glow, but even the
addition of four large spots suspended above the stage don't seem to
provide any extra illumination. Maybe Dylan's lighting will eventually be
pared down to a single bare lightbulb.

Will the third night be the wild card? I doubt it, but we'll see.

Steve Rostkoski


Review by Doug Wilber

It was exactly the same song list as the night before, but the guy sitting 
next to me who had been to both shows said Saturday was looser and Bob 
and the band were more engaged. As the local press said, one pays just 
for the privilege to be in the same room as Bob Dylan, and then you take 
yer chances. We lucked out, as is often the case.

Comments about the dim stage lighting are valid, but might miss the point. 
They were no big spotlights from the back of the hall, the colors on stage 
were mostly black and gold, subtle and subdued, but the separation between 
the stage and the audience was considerably less than usual. I sat near the 
rear on the main floor, and with occasional use of binoculars, I could see 
what I wanted. Dylan and the band seemed like they were in the same room 
as we were. From youtube, it looks like this lighting has been around a 
while.  Most of the band was dressed in black; Bob was more visible in a 
beige suit and classy beige fur hat.

"Long and Wasted Years" as the last song (before the encore) ended the second 
set on a dramatic high point. The lighting, the music, and Dylan's delivery 
of his high poetry were striking and convincing. His stagecraft is first 
rate, and he's been working on it. The songlist, mostly recent 21st-century 
songs with well-chosen ones from the past, all are consistent with the strong 
themes in "Long and Wasted Years." It's a fine song list and a powerful show.

A few particular memories: Dylan played with the lyric of "Simple Twist of 
Fate" as he has often done, and got in a killer rhyme with the title line and 
"back in '58" to cheers of recognition. I hope some recordings surface with 
all the good lines of this version audible. Dylan did a fine job on harp on 
"Simple Twist of Fate" as well as a few other older songs: "She Belongs to 
Me," "Tangled Up In Blue," and "Blowing in the WInd." Is Dylan the only one 
performing songs in 3/4 and 6/8 these days? "Waiting For You" and "Soon 
After Midnight" swung.

Doug Wilber


Review by Carole Kanani

Saturday night in Seattle was another unusually warm night for late October.  
The crowd was a bit more raucous then Friday nights.  My seat, 3rd row 
center, right in front of the microphone, and I also had a good view of Bob 
when he was at the piano.  I was attending the concert alone and sat next 
to a really sweet lady who had flown in from Alaska for the show.  

Again, the gong sounded at 8pm and the band strode out, we in the front 
section stood up and applauded as Bob appeared in his signature hat.  We 
remained standing throughout Things Have Changed.

I love the dim lighting, each song was accompanied with lighting that suited 
the mood of the song.  The light on the curtains for Simply Twist of Fate 
looked like a shower of falling stars.

There was a real shift in tonights performance from last night.  From the 
moment Things of Changed began to the end and it can only be described 
as force.  The music was infused with a powerful force, each song seemed 
to reach out and grab me by the soul!  She Belongs To Me was absolutely 
mesmerizing followed by Beyond Here Lies Nothin' with Bob playing at the 
grand piano "Oh I Love You Pretty BABY"!  Waiting For You is a song I am 
not real familiar with, it was a swinging waltz of beauty!  Songs like Simple 
Twist of Fate and Forgetful Heart done so tenderly, the harp laying bringing 
tears to one's heart - and yet there it was that powerful force present also.  
Soon After Midnight was another favorite tonight, again as Bob sang it like 
he meant every word of it!  Bob would drift from the mic to the  piano, little 
dances and his nods to the audience after each song.  Love Sick would have 
knocked my socks off if I had been wearing any.  Another night with Bob I 
will treasure always!

Carole Kanani
Lummi Island, Washington


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