Paris, France

Palais de Sports

October 18, 2015

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

I arrived from Saarbrucken by train until Metz and by car sharing (‘bla
bla car’) until Paris. I am ‘Porte de Saint Cloud’ at 1.30 pm. I
travel 1 hour by Metro to Creteil where Maxime meets me and we walk to his
apartment, he is sharing with his mother. I met Maxime in Florida when we
were volunteering on a farm last spring. We chat and relax. At 5.45 pm I
take the metro to ‘Porte de Versailles’ where the Palais de Sport is.
It is weird to hear French at a Bob Dylan show. At 7.45 pm a nice man
approaches me and hands me a ticket. He asks me to be discreet as scalpers
are on the watch. I rapidly find my way inside the venue. I am 10 th row
center. Woah! I chat with Francis (the good BD ticket Samaritan). He I
impressed by my way of life, dedicated to Bobby. He doesn’t think I am
nuts. Thanks. The organization is crazy: ushers are placing the people for
money. It takes forever to fill up the venue. Stu is on time. Bobby
appears all sparkling in a brand new suit with blue embroidering. The
sound is excellent. Right away I know that will be a great show. Bob is
happy to be in the Gay Paris. 

The setlist is the same as Saarbrucken. 

Bob found is little routine. 

But for me it sounds brand new. 
It is a magic show. 

Bob stretches a lot between the songs. He seems in pain somehow. Banding
on his knees, holding his back. Or just an ‘attitude’? 

I don’t see his face. 
His voice is clear and loud as much as it could be. 

I hear many times Fans shouting: ‘Merci Bob!’ 

The public is respectful. 

There is just a movement of the first row at the end when Bob thanks the
public. Fans approach the stage. 

My best show so far since Oslo. Stockholm had an excellent sound as well
but this one is special. 

I say few words to Jason. I thank him for the good job he did on the

I take the metro back to Creteil, get lost, and get rescued by Maxime. 

We eat a bite and we go to bed. 

Thank you Francis, Maxime, Maxime’s mother, Simon, Jason….thank you
all good people! 

Thank you the Band and thank you …BOBBY!  


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