Bloomington, Indiana

Indiana University
Assembly Hall

October 19, 2007

[David Moore]

Review by David Moore

My personal oddessy of 5 consecutive shows in 7 nights: 

Day 5 - Bloomington IN,10/19/07 - Assembly Hall @ Indiana University

Hello Bloomington, what a night!  This was the best venue that I've seen
lately, except for perhaps the Taft Theatre in Cincinnati (although
Assembly Hall has a seating capacity of about 6 times greater).  The place
was absolutely packed tonight, and for those of you who have ever read any
of my previous posts... you know that this couldn't make me any happier. 
I unfortunately got there late, due to a supposedly two hour long road
trip taking about three hours instead due to bad traffic.  I therefore
missed Amos, but got there just in time to catch Costello.  Another great
(and new) set from Mr. Costello.  I have never really been a fan of his...
but I think I'm actually going to kinda of miss him now, as he can put on
one hell of a show.  He also introduced some new tunes, and really sounded
great tonight.

And then there was Dylan...  Tonight varied from rocking pieces, to slower
more mellow tunes throughout.  It seemed like the band just hit everything
tonight, and once again, I found myself digging a few tunes that I
normally don't care for all that much.  The  highlights were numerous for
me, including "It Ain't Me, Babe", "Love Sick", "Rollin' & Tumblin'",
"Spirit On The Water", "High Water (For Charlie Patton)", "Workingman's
Blues #2", "My Back Pages", "Ain't Talkin'", "Ballad Of A Thin Man", and
"Thunder On The Mountain".  Damn... I almost named every song there was (I
guess I left out six).  The crowd was really into what was going on, and
showed their proper love and respect... which the band of course gave back
like a giant continous boomerang.  I'm really glad I was there tonight.

So that's it... 5 consecutive shows with the last one being tonight.  What
an experience... and I'm honestly mentally and physically exhausted to no
end at this point.  5 cities, approximately 870 miles, 28 different songs
performed, and about $1,000 spent... and tons of cool and interesting
people met along the way.  I would keep on trucking along, but I need to
go to bed for awhile!  See you all the next time the Jester swings through
the Midwest, hopefully sooner than later.  Peace.

David Moore
Fairfield, Ohio  


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