Berkeley, California

Greek Theatre

October 19, 2012

[Michael Lederman], [Sonia Rosa Lokey]

Review by Michael Lederman

Last Thoughts On Dylan By The Bay

Ted Williams, perhaps the greatest MLB hitter of all-time, wrote a book
called The Science of Hitting. I contend that, at 71 years of age, Bob
Dylan should write a book called The Science of Entertaining. Now, before
you stop reading, let me make my argument. There are musicians that bring
obvious gifts to the stage...Bono-the master showman, a preacher that
works an audience like no other. Bruce, gifted as a musician, singer,
songwriter and a performer with no physical limitations or "off" switch.
And then there is Bob...awkward, mysterious, not the greatest guitarist
and no Keith Jarrett on the ivories. Bob, a man whose voice at 71 is more
Waits than Waits more gravel than a country road. can the guy
put on a show! Each night 5 of the 15 songs are rotated out with
precision, and 5 new tunes from a hat filled with what...70-80 songs this
band is prepared to play, are tossed in and reinvented-reimagined by this
magical, mystical, one of a kind American classic. And what about the 10
staples on this tour? See more than one show and leave amazed at how each
night this band of gypsies finds a new riff a new jam to create an
interpretation of a familiar song that is fresh and special...just a
unique, one of a kind moment. Highlights last night...Make You Feel My
Love, Shelter From The Storm and- a beautiful, crisp Desolation Row.

Bob, thanks for 40 years of thrills and chills. The only thing missing
this time around were the juggling midgets and a scantily clad fire
swallower. You are The Man!!


Review by Sonia Rosa Lokey

Just wanted to say what an incredible night at The Greek Mr Dylan gave 
the Bay Area on October the 19th, 2012.  First of all the Mr Dylan's band
members are probably the best music anyone could hope to hear in a
lifetime.  Just perfect sound, music, beat and groove.  Mr Dylan's voice
is JUST FINE.  It has and older and sexy sound to it.  He is perfectly
understandable and is a crooner these days with a groove in a back beat
band that sends you running for the dance floor.  His piano is better than
most rockers and he really delivers some great chords and riffs to deeply
compliment the music as it takes you up and spins you around.  As far as
you could see EVERYONE was moving and grooving to the finely choiced set
list.  The encore was Blowin' In The Wind and Mr Dylan created a
"Strollin" beat that had everyone strollin in their seats, up and down the
aisles, and in between each other in the passageways!!! BRAVO!!! To a
Master Singer, Songwriter, Instrumentalist, Band and all around
Professional.  AMEN!!! P.S. When Mr Dylan sang "Make you feel my love" 
the tears welled up in my eyes... Sonia Rosa Lokey


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