Los Angeles, California

The Forum
October 20, 2006

[Bert Samuels], [Scott Eisner]

Review by Bert Samuels

I just got back frm the Fabulous Forum and thought I would share my 
thought.  The Forum hasnt been fabulous since Magic Johnson got out 
of College.  The place is an old barn of an arena and a horrible place to 
see a concert - such a hassle to get there.  All that aside - I went 
because Bob Dylan was there.

It started with Kings of Leon.  They are an energetic band playing a  loud
and lively set.  Not music for us older folks but not bad.  The  crowd
tonight was much younger than Monday in San Fran - and there were 
actually some Leon fans in the audience.  It was a good warm up for 
Dylan though.  They played a good set.

Bob opened with Maggie.  OK - we all know everyone gets down on how
often he opens with Maggie.  Its a traditional thing for me - he always  
opens with Maggie when I see him live and it fits.  I thought tonight's 
rendition was better than most - energetic and the band is very tight. 
Bob was into the show from the beginning.

He followed with Tom Thumb's Blues.  I wanted this one and it was great. 
Bob was vocals were good on this one.  Next was High Water - and Bob's
growl returned.  I was surprised how sweet he sang the whole show in San
Fran - no growling at all.  Tonight was different.  High Water isnt my
favorite and this was just an average performance.  

Next was When the Deal Goes Down.  Its a pretty tune and Bob did a nice
version.  This will be a mainstay for a while and was good to see.  Then
came the Tweedles.  OK - I'm sick of this song and the growling was bad. 
Give it a rest Bob.

Then it got good again.  Tangled up in Blue is nice.  When I  heard them
do it Monday it was great to hear an old friend that hadnt been around
for a while.  Tonight however was a great rocking version.  I  enjoyed it.
Stu does such a grea job with the main theme on acoustic guitar.  Then
they played To Ramona.  NICE!!!!  Only heard this once before - 1995 in
Vegas - Great song, nice performance.  Bob's vocals were clear and all
the lyrics were there.  Its Alright Ma rocked tonight.  Denny and Tony
were cooking on this one and Bob's growling really worked.  Always a
favorite of mine.

They played Rollin' and Tumblin next.  I dont like the song or the 
version.  It wasnt any better Monday.  Time to replace this one with 
Someday Baby.  To make it up Bob followed with John Brown.  Here's one
I havent heard live before and it was just superb.  Bob nailed the vocals 
and Donnie was great on the electric mandolin.  

Then came Highway 61.  This was the true high point.  They filled the old
barn with lots of lound sweet rock music.  Denny did a great lead guitar
and Bob's vocals again were perfect.  I rocked hard on this one - my  poor
back is feeling it now indeed.

I wanted to hear Nettie Moore and I got what I wanted.  Such a nice  sad,
sweet song that had everyone clapping along in a slow respectful  Cadence.
I missed Working Man Blues from Monday's line up - but this was much

And then came Summer Days and the new standard encore.  Strange 
version of Summer Days - they dropped the intense instrumental part from 
the middle and it was very much missed.  Thunder on the Mountain is a 
great song.  It is done well though tonight Bob dropped some of the verses
(No pork chops and pie and no I dont give a damn about your dreams.)  
Rolling Stone and Watchtower - good solid versions to end a good show.

Bob was very animated tonight and the band was really good.  Tony really
rocked with that bass guitar.  This band is good - not Larry and Charlie
- but just as good in their own way.

It was a nice evening.  The Forum was not the ideal Dylan Venue but Bob
made it work.  I will cherish seeing hime twice this week (so far) and 
now start counting down to Sunday in San Diego.

Bert Samuels
Encino, California


Review by Scott Eisner

Bob and the boys played a very lively set on Friday night to a 2/3 full LA
Forum.  The venue is not used often anymore, but the sound was excellent. 
The highlights were Nettie Moore, Thunder on the Mountain and one of my
favorites, To Ramona.  Bob's voice was in great form.  I thought the band
could be a little more lively and show some emotion to the excellent
playing, but all in all they delivered as they do night after night.  Bob
did play alot of harmonica and never ventured out from behind the
keyboards, but was engaged in his music.  I also thought if they could
only drop Summer Days from the set.  There would be so many other songs
that could be added in the final pre-encore set that would really cap off
the night, but Bob insists on Summer Days, why?  Hoping that tonight in
Long Beach with the open floor we get lively crowd interaction and a more
animated performance.

Thanks Bob!


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