Bob Dylan - Bob Links - Review - 10/20/98


October 20, 1998

Regina, Saskatchewan
Regina Exhibition Park - Agridome

Thanks to Paul Hanley for the following review:

I have been listening to Bob Dylan since 1963, but only the recorded
version until last year.  Regina was my third Dylan concert. I was in Oleon
NY last year, Saskatoon on Sunday and Regina last night.  Bob's sound is
quite different this tour, compared to NY.  It's more of a hard, grunge,
garage band sound.  Very enjoyable, but possiibly something of a surprise to
the older people in the audience who were raised on acoustic Blowin in the

The Regina audience was a lot more spirited from the start than Saskatoon's.
Both places had about 4000 people out, not many considering that it was
Bob's first stop ever in this province.  People really warmed to him when he
plaid classics.

    1.Gotta Serve Somebody 
He started with a rough and ready version of this one, one of one or two
hundred of my favorites.  A little easier to catch the lyrics compared to
the Saskatoon show.  Bob seemed more releaxed, healthier, in better voice,
and he played a lot more guitar.  He started dancing around a bit right from
the start.
     2.I'll Remember You 
I don't know this song well, so no references.  It was Bob, so I liked it,
but not likely to become a favorite.
   3.Cold Irons Bound 
The sound in the Agridome was fairly bad, lots of white noise, which showed
on this song in particular.  A hard, driving version. Good stuff.
    4.Just Like A Woman (with harp) 
A crowd pleaser.  Lovely version, with Bob singing a lot better, and the
sound system working out okay. Bob played the harp at the back, with one
foot up on a riser, for some reason.
    5.Can't Wait 
Nothing wrong with this, though the crowd obviously doesn't know it.
I don't particularly like this one, but the best of the three versions I've
heard to date.
    7.Mr. Tambourine Man (acoustic) 
They loved this one, and Bob seemed to be right into it, with some decent,
lyrical singing.
    8.Masters Of War (acoustic) 
A favorite of mine, I think he skipped a verse or two.
    9.Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic) 
Great song, presented  well.  A little hard to make out the words.  Lots of
good guitar work.
   10.My Back Pages (acoustic) (with harp) 
This was a surprise.  A real gem, nicely done. The first change from
I think it was this one that he put down the guitar and played the harp,
weaving around and swaying to the music.
   11.She Belongs To Me 
A beauty.  It doesn't get better than this.  Lots of guitar  by Bob. 
12.'Til I Fell In Love With You 
A hard rocking version, everyone up and jumping.

Thunderous applause and cheering leads to the encore.
   13.Love Sick 
Good version, true to the original recording but unique.
   14.Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 
I generally don't like this song but I must admit it was really enjoyable
this time and people loved it.
   15.Blowin' In The Wind (acoustic) 
Heavy duty crowd pleaser.  Lots of great guitar work.
   16.Highway 61 Revisited 
Rocking and rolling, thundering, mighyt and wild.  Bob was showing us what
he can do and dancing all over the place. Yahoo.
   17.Forever Young (acoustic) 
People like this one.  Not a favorite of mine but it seemed genuine tonight.

More thundering applause sustained for a long time.  It didn't work.  Still
17 songs and close to 2 hours.  I wasn't complaining.  Lot's of people were
leaving before the final number, so it may not have gone over with everyone,
but the vast majority seemed to have a fantasic time.  One old hippy yelled
:"Thanks for the hippy hippy shake, Bob."
My brother and I  drove home singing all the old Dylan tunes we could think

I had to get up at 6 and drive back to Saskatoon for work.  Had a great day
and was  telling everyone about Bob and his healing powers.

Paul Hanley


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