Fort Myers, Florida

Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall

October 23, 2018

[Steven Kruh], [Laurette Maillet]

Review by Steven Kruh

Excellent show!! Twenty songs--all original Dylan compositions. He played
some terrific harp...on four or five numbers. Stripped down band--only
Charlie Sexton on guitar,--alllowed you to focus better on the
arrangements and musicianship. Two minor disappointments: not enough solos
featured (what was mostly offered was Dylan on piano); also, given the
small venue(s), small ensemble and emphasis on intricate and
roots/americana/intimate arrangements, I'd have hoped for more acoustic
instrumentation and music. Donnie Herron played electric(!) mandolin one
tune, amplifier banjo on another and amplified violin on a third (the
first encore tune, Blowing in the Wind)--all strictly as
accompaniment...and only the last as obbligato--and Tony played plenty of
upright bass; but, Charlie Sexton played exclusively electric guitar.

An odd highlight: I wasn't crazy about the straight blues-rock performance
of Gotta Serve Somebody--although it did show off a couple of really
pleasing rhythm-lead Sexton guitar riffs!! But, an alteration in lyrics
really blew me away. Dylan sang something about "you might be Father Time,
you might be Mother Earth." This was, finally(!!) for me his recognition
of something I've been harping on for thirty years: that Gotta Serve
Somebody "borrows heavily" from Memphis Slim's 1951 hit single, Mother
Earth. I was overjoyed when I heard those words escape from Zimmy's gifted
lips. A kiss on his forehead!


Review by Laurette Maillet

From Sarasota it is a short ride on Greyhound bus.
ShaktiJoy, my CS host, is waiting for me at the station.
She drives me around the bay to discover the pretty downtown,
then we go home for a vegetarian meal. Shakti had been practicing Yoga for
over 30 years and she is a 'child' of Amma, the Indian woman who goes
around the world to give Love and hugs and good spirit. We discuss about
going to visit Amma's ashram in India. Before her Yoga teaching class
Shakti drops me at the venue. The same one I have been attented few years
ago. I pick up 2 tickets at the will call. Unsual on my part, but a friend
could not make it and kindly offered me those tickets. I walk around the
little lake in front of the entrance. I bump into George and Tony. Then I
enter the Kerouac exhibit gallery. I spend some time watching on TV the
document on Jack Kerouac life and the writing of "on the road". Kerouac
could never handle his popularity and drunk himself to death.
Misunderstood and depressed.

I have an extra ticket to sell but I am not the only one. After a full
hour trying to at least give it away. I renounce and walk inside the venue
with 2 tickets. A paradox for me. I have now 2 seats for myself on the top
of the theater! The public is middle age and more, though the show is
taking place on a campus. (3 kids refused even my free ticket!!)

Bob is in black.
The sound is perfect.
The songs (same Set list) are well performed.
Is it me or the full moon? 
I feel tired. I have to make an effort to focus on what's happening on
stage. Only the 60's songs get a response from the public. The audience
came to see the Legend! "Like a Rolling stone" Starts with the mic off so
it takes the chorus to wake up the Pappies and Mammies. Folks leave the
theater long time before the encore. Surprisingly " Ballad of a thin man"
is exceptional tonight. More staccato. More powerful. The highlight for me
,here, in F.Meyers. I drifted away on most of the other songs. Bob and his
Band left the stage rapiddly. No bow tonight as well.

Shakti is waiting for me outside at 10pm sharp.
I was happy to be here. It was an easy day and evening.
Hope Bob will get more inspiring...or is it me falling in a routine?
Thanks to all the good people.
Good night Bobby


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