Tulsa, Oklahoma

Brady Theater

October 24, 2009

[Mel Smith], [Demetrios Macris]

Review by Mel Smith

Just waking up at home after the best mini Midwest tour of my Dylan 
experiences.   I wish I was just west of Chicago this morning.   However I
cannot complain about what I witnessed while on the road.   Bob and his 
band were definitely on fire both nights. 
My road warrior friend Bob and I had attended a show at the Brady last
August.  It was the middle of a 3 town tour for us.   Little Rock,(which up
until Saturday night was my favorite show and I cant find a bootleg of, if none
exists would be a crying shame) Tulsa and back here in Kansas City at the
Uptown.  The Brady is a great little venue but on that night our pal from
California, Eric summed up the show the best when he said " Well that was a 
Ho Hum Bob  show."  I hated to admit it but he was right.  Bob and I  both 
felt the Old Lady on Brady owed us a great show and she delivered right f
rom the first note to the last.    

Highlights of the show for me were "Gonna Change  My Way Of Thinking", 
"Po' Boy" both firsts for us.  "Beyond Here Lies Nothing" with Donnie on
trumpet was worth the price of the ticket alone.  "Cold Irons Bound" with Dylan
out front with his harp and doing an old blue eyes presentation of the song.  
'This Dream  Of You" was also hauntingly beautiful.  "Ballad Of A Thin Man" 
was so good it was hard to wrap my head around.

Charlie is making this band better.  I know lots of us miss Larry and Charlie 
there together but Stu is playing better than I have ever seen him do.   
Dylan never once picked up the axe at this show but there was no need to.   
Dylan also danced more than I have ever seen him do in all off the shows I 
have witnessed before.  During "Thunder On The Mountain", my pal Bob
said he's gonna break into Elvis here in a minute if they keep this up. 
On a personal note I want to thank Susie for greeting me and my friend 
with this ice breaker as we found our seats. "Hi guys. I'm Susie.  What do 
ya say we make a pact and just dance this show away?"  I fell in love
immediately.  Yeah I am one of those drunken dancing hillbillies that flap
around when the music hits his feet.  But the reserved seats at the Brady 
were full  of us, and we were all treated to a very special night of the Song 
and Dance  man that is Bob Dylan.

While I am thanking people, I would be remiss in not saying what a 
great service Mr. Pagel provides for us.  Thank you sir.  I know it is most
likely a labor of love, but it also must take time and effort on your part.


Review by Demetrios Macris

From the opening until the finale, The Charlie Sexton Band featuring Bob
Dylan was the most exciting show I have seen in a long time. The circus
organ player has been replaced by a relevant and passionate maestro who
no longer roosts behind the keyboard all night. Bob was out front and
was entertaining the crowd just like Dean Martin or Elvis. Song and
dance man, extraordinaire. Beautiful harmonica, hard pumping organ, and
irresistible vocals. 

First time concert goers and long time fans alike smiled from ear to ear
as the show grew into a legend before it even finished.  Charlie, God
bless him, made sure that the band stayed focused and when it was
Charlie's turn to shine, he filled up The Brady Theater like a
supernova. Charlie, thanks for coming back.

Tony was prefect.  Lots of smiles and obviously enjoying the night. I
could write volumes about him but will resist. My hat's off to George,
Stu and Donnie as well. This band is superb.

It was fantastic.

Don't you dare miss it!

d macris


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