Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Broward Center for the Performing Arts
Au-Rene Theater

October 24, 2018

[Will St. James], [Laurette Maillet]

Review by Will St. James

Bob was at his finest tonight. The show started off with Things Have
changed which has long been one that I enjoy. It Ain't Me, Babe was sung
with a new arrangement that had the audience around me singing along.
Later came a powerful Masterpiece complete with great new lyrics and a
beautiful spell on the harp. The two songs that he spent at the center of
the stage-Scarlet Town and Love Sick-were both impressive and humorous.
The crowd erupted in laughter and cheer when he broke out a little jitter
bug rag during Scarlet Town. Things like this keep people like us coming
back time and time again to see what he has to offer. Love Sick was
particularly chilling and stunning pronounced by Bob's leaning with the
microphone under the giant lights. The slowed down Don't Think Twice was a
highlight. The song started very slowly and built towards a crescendo of
light drums and bass-well done George and Tony. I enjoyed the new lyrics
on Gotta Serve Somebody. The gospel-era song has been transformed to fit
the Americana vibe. Blowin' and Thin Man continue to stand as great encore
songs. This show was tremendous, the sound was loud and his voice was
clear. Thank you, Bob, for another great night at your feet. Every time we
meet inside performance halls it is a dream come true.

Will St. James


Review by Laurette Maillet

How things happen.
Sarasota and ft. Meyers were two small venues and the shows were totally
sold out. Nonetheless it was relatively easy to find some tickets outside.
I imagine Ft. Lauderdale would be easy. But... As soon as I arrive I spott
the scalpers. 6 of them and the aggressive sort. I don't understand why
that kind of business is permitted when just asking an extra ticket to GET
INSIDE is reprimanded. "Steal a little, they put you in jail Steal a lot,
they make you a king" Soliciting is against the law but not shitting. My!
At times I hate this country.

I manage to get in. Up on the balcony. Right on time for 
"Things have changed" 
Always asking myself the question:'yes, but in which direction?'.
The ushers are laxists and I can stand up during the whole show.
As others.
We are some, dancing around on the balcony. Singing along and making
noises. Did Bob hear? I find the show a lot better than the last 2. More
energic. "Love sick" center stage is fabulous. Charlie is enjoying
himself. Another Bobcat with me is wild.

My entire show is dancing and singing as if there is no one to see me. One
of those fabulous moments what ever Bob will do on stage. He is playing
for himself and I am enjoying for myself. He doesn't need to uplift the
public with artifices. The public has to be happy by itself. Not a word,
not a sign. Just Bob Dylan and his Band. Same Set list but somehow so
different feeling.

I walk the hour and so, back to my Hostel.
Singing "don't think twice" to the full moon.
I am the only one inside the hostel.
A large house for myself.
I don't feel lonely.
I sleep with a satisfied mind.
Thanks Bobby.
Night. Night.


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