Springfield, Missouri

Shrine Mosque Auditorium

October 25, 2009

[Mel Smith]

Review by Mel Smith

Arrived in Springfield Mo at around noon after a great show in Tulsa the 
night before.  Found the Springfield Brewing Company and began to sample
their wares while awaiting the arrival of our 3rd partner for the show Larry.  
Couldn't check into the hotel until 3, so we had time to imbibe, take in
nourishment and visit the site where Wild Bill Hickok had shot Dave Tutt thru
the heart at a distance of 75 yards on the square in Old Town section of
Springfield.  Once checked in we realized that the Holiday Inn had 2 airline
pilots and a bunch of Heads in town for the show.   It was raining but the mood
felt right for another great show, but we had no idea how it was going to top
last nights performance.  Dylan as usual found a way.

The show opened with "Pill Box Hat"  I  have seen this many times but it
had a new energy with Charlie being back.  That was followed by Dylan picking
up this axe and taking us on the "Don't Think Twice" ride.  Bob was playing
the guitar almost straight up and down on this night and I got visions of
Johnny Cash with that position.  Not sure that was intentional but it nonetheless 
invoked the original Man in Black with me. He was the same on "My Wife's 

Rollin' and Tumblin' got the juices of the General  Admission crowd we were
in on the floor going.  Being in Missouri for this show we got a "Trying to
Get To Heaven" as we usually do and I never complain about that Geographic
advantage.  Tonight clipped the "get to heaven/before they close the door into
one long lyric instead of 2.   It may sound odd but it worked perfectly with
the arrangement of this song on this night.  "Cold Irons Bound" rocked again 
and it was like Tulsa part 2.  

Then came the song of the night for me "Not  Dark Yet".  That is what I saw
of it.  Our pal Larry decided he wanted a better spot on the floor a few songs
earlier and had wondered up where the 20 yr olds were hanging out and smoking
some of the local  harvest.   It was very hot on the floor even back where Bob
and I were  at.  We had found a good sound spot and liked it fine where we 
were.   About the time the song started there was Larry being carried out like a
bag of potaotes.  He had forgot to exhale or something like that and fainted.  
They got him to the EMT's and I told myself that I wasn't a doctor so I found a
spot where I could watch Larry and Dylan both but it was in a hallway and the
sound wasn't quite as good.  When they told him he was fine Larry asked what he
missed and was more pissed at himself than I was.   He first saw Dylan in St.
Louis with the Band and never seen "Not Dark Yet".   The very kind EMT told me
she couldn't find his blood pressure reading at first and I said " Well then he's 
dead and your problem now."   Even Larry laying on the floor thought that
was funny. 

"61" brought me out of the hallway and back into a sound friendly 
spot.  We got Larry to a seat and said "Stay!  Heel! Good boy!   Don't play
 dead!"  and he minded us. The same 5 titles ended this show as had the  
other shows but it was great to hear them again.   Personally the "Jolene"
in Sauget this last July was better than either of the ones I saw this week. 
It was much more organ heavy, but it was my first version I had ever seen. 
That may explain that.

Very young crowd there that night.   Lot of first timers.   More than once
I heard, "Dude, I hope he plays All Along The Watchtower tonight!!!!"  
I told them all not to worry and keep that stuff away from my friend 

Last words of advice to all who have the chance to see this current 
tour.  DO NOT MISS IT!   I'm not saying quit your jobs or anything like 
that.  (unless you have a crappy job or are about to retire anyway).



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