Hollywood, California

Dolby Theatre

October 25, 2014

[Michael James]

Review by Michael James

Because of the consistent set lists and multi-night engagements 
at each venue, I wonít have much to add to what other concert 
goers have been offering.

The accommodations and atmosphere at the Dolby Theater
were excellent.  Thereís not a bad seat in the house really and the 
mezzanine section proved be a cost-effective choice for me.  The 
crowd was a bit subdued but at least courteous and considerate.  
Iím sure some of that had to do with the tight security detail.

Like most shows I have seen, Dylan needed a few songs to
warm up and he certainly hit his stride at the beginning of Duquesne
Whistle, which is not exactly my favorite song but I really appreciated
and enjoyed the energy and passion he was displaying.  The night club
crooner style heís developed lately served him well with selections like
Forgetful Heart and Soon After Midnight.  The highlight for me had to 
be Long and Wasted Years which ended the pre-encore list on a very 
high note.  Of course, he threw a bone to the die hards with All Along 
the Watchtower and Blowin' In The Wind to end it.

In general, I really enjoyed and appreciated a tight and modern set 
list at a venue that offered first class comfort and style. 

Take care all.

Michael James


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