Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Theatre

October 27, 2007

[Mats Gunnors], [Tom Lallier]

Review by Mats Gunnors

It struck me last night at Chicago Theater that the questions of what Stu
contributes to this band were answered in part during Ain't Talkin' where
his acoustic work was creating the perfect envelope.  His delightful
playing made it seem simple, natural and very relaxed.  Wonderful
performance,  far transcending the album version.  Also incredible to me
was Masters of War, with Bob playing some insane carny-organ and Danny
managed to stay with the horror for the entire song.  To me, this band
excells in a kind of pistonic staccato style, whereas in comparison the
Larry and Charlie band had a more rolling  feel.  Danny can play those
jazzy, slightly detached, fast riffs all night long, and they are very
good, but when it is time to cry that just does not work for me.     

Sadly I found Elvis' set just left me in an anxious state.  Made me want
Merle back.  Most of my friends, in all fairness, loved the Costello.    


Review by Tom Lallier

It was a beautiful day in the Windy City, the show could have been
outside on Saturday evening and no one would have complained.  The venue
was the Chicago Theater, an intricate and lovely old lady of a theater. It
has an air of pomp and circumstance it so rightly deserves.  The lovely
murals, woodwork and frescos are worth seeing if you are ever in the area.
 Bob came out like vintage wine, good from the first taste, or chord in
his case.  Highlights were "It ain't me, Babe", Hattie Carroll",
"Workingman's Blues" and "High Water" (Stu really ripped it up on High
Water and played on stage right with Denny).  Donnie moved from instrument
to instrument without missing a beat, and he took the lead several times
with great results.  OK, I am corrected, Masters of War can work at 14
(see Ypsilanti 10/12/07), this one had a really hard edge and he had the
crowd mesmerized.  All in all an outstanding performance.

Tom Lallier


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