Knoxville, Tennessee

Tennessee Theatre

October 31, 2018

[Hanson R. Tipton]

Review by Hanson R. Tipton

We saw Dylan play the beautiful Tennessee Theatre not quite two years ago - 
and had front row seats! - so I was initially hesitant to spend $100 if he was still 
doing the Sinatra thing, but when I saw the set lists from this tour I decided I 
couldn't let Bob come to town again without me in attendance...

It was a fantastic show. They hit the stage just a couple of minutes after 8pm 
so be sure to get there on time, folks. Really liked the stage set-up and lighting, 
though from where I was sitting (8th row, orchestra center) I basically couldn't 
see Donnie at all. And everything was set back really far from the edge of the 

I'm always amazed at the new life that is breathed into these classic songs by 
changing the arrangements and this show was no exception. The only 
arrangement that didn't really do it for me last night was Tryin' to Get to 
Heaven. But I loved these versions of Simple Twist of Fate, When I Paint My 
Masterpiece, Like a Rolling Stone (with a Bobby Gregg snare shot to open each 
verse), and Gotta Serve Somebody. Love Sick is always a highlight when I see it.

I also really enjoyed all of the songs off Tempest, which I hadn't really connected 
with so far. Scarlet Town, in particular, was a highlight of the show for me. 

But the jaw-dropper was Don't Think Twice, It's All Right. Gave me goosebumps 
on Halloween.

The whole band was outstanding as always. And Bob's harmonica playing sounded 
better than I think I've ever heard it live. The guys are in top form and seemed to 
be in a good mood, lots of smiles and (un-mic'd) onstage conversation between 

In the encore something was happening but I didn't know what it was - he 
switched up to All Along the Watchtower as the closer.  Then an odd moment 
when a woman ran to Bob (not sure from where but I think it was side stage) 
before security swarmed and took her away. I'm sure that happens a lot but 
never seen it live. Bob appeared startled but took it all in stride. Perhaps the 
band is set up so far back for a good reason...

They played for just about two full hours. Great way to spend Halloween night.
I hope he keeps coming back every other year.


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