Denver, Colorado

Bellco Theatre

November 1, 2014

[Bob Storch]

Review by Bob Storch

Don't You Dare Miss It!  11/1/14.

Denver, Colorado. Bob Dylan Bellco Theater.  (Speer, off Colfax Ave) My
5th Dylan show in seven years, far and away the best...Really!


Things Have Changed:
 8:07 pm. Loud gong bong, stage lights don't come up. Lone guitarist playing.
 Shadows in the night, center stage, Bob Dylan, wearing a nacho hat,
 wheeling a wheelbarrow. Things Have Changed...again. Standing Ovation
 start to a special night.  *Highlight*

She Belongs To Me: 
 Oldest song of night yet not an oldie. Bob saying she don't look back, or is it 
 Bob that's not looking back? Bob Dylan can still hit high notes on his harp that will
 loosens your ear wax.

Beyond Here Lies Nothing:
 Bob glides over to piano, banging a wicked keyboard, hitting black keys,
 channeling Jerry Lee stealing from Bobby Vee, while Sexton and company
 make sure Bob stays in the moment.
 Nothing indeed lies beyond here. Great stage presence and movements by Bob
 all night.

Working Man Blues #2:
 Sublime. How can Bob remember this many lyrics, let alone be singing out
 new ones? Bob front and center making every line count. Show Stopper. 

Waiting For You:
 What an amazing band! Tony Garnier - bass, George Recile - drums, Stu
 Kimbell- rhythm guitar, Charlie Sexton lead guitar,  Donnie Herron -
 banjo, viola, violin, electric mandolin. 
 And They All Shine On!  This band is reinventing popular music! What can
 you call this type of music? It's not Rock, some Blues, but it's more a
 Country Waltz or Swing Jazz. What ever you call it, the static set list
 has allowed this band to become tighter than the E Street Band, tighter
 than the Roots, tighter than Charlie Sexton's jeans! 

Duquesne Whistle: 
 This song again? Already I'm a jaded Dylan fan. DW is far from my
 favorite song. But tonight, Dylan & Company turn this new classic into a
 runaway train on track. And this train kept a rolling all night long! 
 You could hear that Train Whistle screaming from Colfax Avenue to the
 County Line, if you listen close you can hear it still.  * Highlight*

Pay in Blood: 
 Another new / old blues song, another amazing performance. New tempest
 songs fit Dylan like a glove. It's so exciting see an "oldie" act destroy
 a crowd with new material. Who else would do this many new songs?

Tangle Up in Blue: 
 Seven songs in and first true "Oldie" of the night. If you're a Bob
 virgin or have come not knowing what to expect this may be the first song
 you recognized( maybe). After the intense Pay in Blood TUIB starts off
 nice and easy. But by the time the band is done weaving their magic
 around Bob's who is telling us "you should have met me in 58, when I was
 in my prime", you realize you are seeing the master do one of his
 greatest songs. Bob center stage. Bob on harp and finally bob on piano.  
 Highlight, Blessed.

Love Sick:
 After so many highlights, for me, I'm Sick of Love, was first song that
 was only just alright.

 With the Bellco having 5000 seat( biggest hall of Fall tour) we were able
 walk up box office night of show and score good seats for $49.50 each,
 Discount for cash! Great to get night of show tickets! Remember? The big
 hall was near empty until 7:45 pm when Dylan fans started filling in all
 around us. By end of night only the far upper reaches of the vast hall
 were not full. The stage was dark for most of the night. Even with Bob
 front and center he still in shadows and it's hard to see if he was
 there. Does Bob hide in Shadows in the Night because it's not dark yet,
 but it's getting there?  Or is the darkness to discourage camera phone
 people? I have to agree with Bob,
 damm phone clones are annoying. Coffee refills $1.50! Never mind, it's
 9:10 and Bob and Band are back with...

High Water:
 Donnie Herron provides so much music while never stepping out of Dylan's
 High Water for Charlie Patton a 21st century oldie, Dylan moves so fast
 that for him 2001 is an oldie but goodie. A great start for 2nd set. By
 the way I love the two set thing, it helps us all.

Simple Twist of Fate:
  Bob's reading of STOF is high theater. This is the saddest song I've
  ever heard.
 At one time, I dreamed Tony Bennett should try this song, before Lady
 Gaga, but after seeing Dylan tonight , never mind Tony. "Anyone have a
 tissue?  Highlight

Early Roman Kings:
 No doubt, kick ass, take no prisoners, blues. Bob helping us fill in our
 election ballots.
 Reminding us they're all, peddlers, meddlers, lecherous and treacherous.
 Again,Tempest, again Dylan in great voice and amazing phrasing.  

Forgetful Heart: 
 Dylan, not content to let the days go by kicks open the door to our
 Tempest Bob opens the door of his heart and shares it's secrets.

Spirit on the Water: 
 The band shines on another song that defies category. Spirit has turned
 into a jazz song with Bob channeling Fats Waller on lines like "I'm wild
 about you, gal,  You ought to be a fool about me." Highlight.   

Scarlet Town: Soon After Midnight: Long and Wasted Years:  *Highlights all
  Three new classic from Tempest to close the night. When it came out in
  2012 I thought Tempest was an OK Dylan album. But now, after seeing
  Dylan and the Cowboy band set the night on fire with Tempest songs I
  have to say Tempest is Bob Dylan's strongest 21st century album... so
 "If I ever hurt your feelings I apologize."

Standing Ovation. Bob and Band take their bows. Crowd Loves it. Bob Loves
it. Only question left... Would Denver get AATW and BITW? Or would Dylan
encore with the amazing Frank Sintara cover Stay with Me? Turns out Denver
gets best of both worlds! (Denver often does)

Blowing in the Wind:
 This song should be the US National Anthem. No matter how Bob chooses to
 phrase this timeless classic when you hear a line like " How many times
 can a man look up, before he can see the sky?" sung by himself, you know
 you are Dylan Blessed.

Stay With Me:
 Yep boys and girls, Bob's next album is going to be Frank Sinatra covers.
 Stay With Me,as God fearing of a song as you'll ever hear. Does any other
 artist lay himself bare like this? Bob closes the night singing, no
 pleading " Stay With Me"

Here 's hoping Bob stays with me and all of us, for a long time and many
more shows.
See you next time Bob...  GO SEE THIS TOUR!!!!!!

Thanks to Bob's Links, You make Dylan fun.

Bob Storch @Storchfam


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