London, Ontario

John Labatt Centre
November 3, 2006

[Dave Ford]

Review by Dave Ford

Wow, what a difference a night makes. I posted a review of Bob in Detroit
last night and thought he was bored with performing. The London show was a
180 degree turnaround. His voice was good again, especially clear on the
quieter songs. The band was again very tight. Bob did a few dances at the
keyboard, blew the harp frequently and really seemed to enjoy the
audience. Only disappointment was It's Alright Ma - he mumbled the words
making them unrecognizable.  The crowd was totally into it - all 9,000
stayed to the end and cheered for Bob when he stood in front of the
audience with the band. Highlights of the night were She Belongs To Me,
Girl of the North Country, Not Dark Yet (with great harp playing), Master
of War, Nettie Moore. My brother went with me - he has never seen Bob Live
- he said to me after the show, "I knew he was good, but I never thought
he would be that good" Off to Toronto tonight.



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