Boston, Massachusetts

November 4, 2023

[Daniel D.]

Review by Daniel D.

Night II at the Orpheum shone like gold.
Bob and his band were on the mark early with a great intro jam to 
Watching the River Flow and delivering You Go Your Way with great 
care and fine voice.
Other highlights include a walloping False Prophet, tearjerker of 
a Masterpiece, and My Own Version w/You, reworked from earlier on 
in the tour with fantastic phrasing.
Stella Blue took the wildcard spot. As a Deadhead Iíve been 
thrilled to see Bob covering such songs like Stella Blue and 
Brokedown Palace as well as he has been.
Jimmy Reed was cause to shake my bones and Iím glad I got a dance 
in before Bob brought the house down with Every Grain of Sand.
Thank you Bob for another great show. 
My 15th in my short 26 years, 30+ for my father, and the first 
show for my brother...great memories.
See you tonight for Orpheum III.



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