Minneapolis, Minnesota

Orpheum Theatre

November 5, 2014

[Susan Phillips]

Review by Susan Phillips

Bob was instrumental in saving the historic Orpheum Theater years ago, and last 
night performed an equally historic concert in it!  I had not seen him perform
since the Stadium Tour in the Hoboken, NJ river park, a setting that set the 
tone for that festival concert, gazing at the Freedom Tower lit up across the 
Hudson. But the Theater Tour has channeled his Hibbing High School theater 
club roots and his jazz piano playing is so strong and taking the lead over his 
band in so many songs. Standing up there in his Charlie Chaplin stance, his 
voice clearly enunciating every word (yes this is true), the crowd is dead silent 
at times absolutely mesmerized by a performance so different from any other. 
He performs some of his new songs so we all were all listening intently to the 
new lyrics. But the crowning moment is the finale when he sings the Frank 
Sinatra cover song that is rumored to be on his next album which will be
released soon - "Stay With Me."  Every woman in the audience, and many men
too, were teary-eyed thinking of the one they should have stayed with. A 
quite magical, I would say, historic performance.
Susan Phillips, President, Armory Arts and Music Center
, Duluth, MN)


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