Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Koninklijk Theater Carre

November 6, 2015

[Joop Bekkema], [Chris Barnard]

Review by Joop Bekkema

Dylan performed in a beautiful white (regular fit) suit and a white hat.
The amazing venue (1750 seats) differed very much from early appearances
in HMH and Ahoy. Not so much Dylan and his Band fitted this venue
wonderfully, but his (standard) setlist did. With no less than 6 songs
from his latest album (and Spirit on the water included in the setlist)
the songs would have been a mismatch when performed in a rock temple
like HMH. Dylan, the guy who invented folk rock, wrote It's all right
ma, subterranean homesick blues, like a rolling stone and lots, lots of
other world changing songs, is covering Frank Sinatra nowadays. Frank
Sinatra who (very unlike Dylan) has been performing the same songs
during his whole life. And like most covers, Dylan's are worse than the
original, although his singing has improved quite immensely. But
strangely enough the crooner songs seemed to be appreciated a lot by the
audience. It's unbelievable Dylan said already years ago. For me the
absolute highlight of the show was a magnificent bluesy performance of
Early Roman Kings which showed the ultimate skills of the band and
Dylan. Other highlights were Tangled up in blue, Pay in blood, Duquesne
Whistle,  a really fantastic Long and wasted Years and a stunning Love
Sick. The beginning of the show (Things have changed) was negatively
influenced by the very loud and over enthusiastic drummer George Recile
( I prefer David Kemper) She belongs to me was good as ever, just as
High Water and Scarlet town Sadly I have seen better performances of
Blowing in the wind mainly due to Dylan's erratic piano  playing. Even
with the crooner songs (fortunately so much shorter than the real Dylan
songs) I will be present when he returns to Holland again next year. My
son and I had a great night. Over all it was a great performance by
Dylan and his band So sad that the only guitar solo was played just
before the end of the 20 minutes interval, when the other band members
re entered the stage. Well done Stu Kimball!
Joop Bekkema 


Review by Chris Barnard

Unlike Thursday evening, when Bob was dressed in a dark suit with a stripe
down the leg, Friday evening saw him in a white suit with flowers down the
leg. He and the band took to the stage bang on time for an evening with
the same set list as the evening before.

I had a great seat, in line with row 5 but slightly above the stage. The
audience was a bit more boisterous than the evening before. Up-tempo songs
like Tangled, or some with a strong beat like She Belongs to Me and Pay in
Blood received waves of applause. The first set was very tight...I don't
think enough praise can be heaped on the band. Nice licks by Charlie
Sexton...It was also great to see the interaction between George Recile on
drums and Tony Garnier on bass while Bob and Donnie Herron seemd to have a
lot of eye contact.

The standout songs after the break were Spirit on the Water, while Long
and Wasted Years and Autumn Leaves brought things to a very powerful
finale. Standing ovation while the guys just stood there in line, like gun
fighters getting ready for a showdown... loved it!


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