Columbus, Ohio

Palace Theatre

November 6, 2021

[Murray Davis], [Joe Hollon]

Review by Murray Davis

My 30th to 50th Dylan show, so I've seen a broad range of his
performances. I'm happy to write, it was a command performance, he sang
better than I can ever recall and I felt like I was in a dream state. It
was Bob freaking Dylan using all his skills to entertain. Mostly new
songs, exhibiting his song writing and musical skills and with his famous
phasing creating a unusual showcase of his unquestionable talents. He
actually talked and I believe I heard him correctly say, "This place must
be haunted, I can't feel my legs.Someone should invent sneakers for Rock
Stars." He just seemed at peace with himself and I think I understood a
part of his genius, his ability to focus intensely on his craft. I think
he has resigned and committed himself to being an American legend and Rock
Star and finally had gotten comfortable as someone could with that.

Murray Davis
Youngstown, Ohio


Review by Joe Hollon

After the craziness of the last two years, seeing Bob Dylan in concert
again definitely brought back a feeling of normalcy!  The Palace Theater
show was my 27th Dylan concert and first since November of 2019.  I was
very excited to hear the songs from Rough and Rowdy Ways and they did not
disappoint.  They all sounded great, with "False Prophet" being my
favorite.  The crowd really responded to the new songs so I guess people
are enjoying the album!  The band and Bob sounded really good throughout
the show.  I'm glad he's doing the band introductions again, it just
didn't seem right not to.  I don't need the theatrics of an encore so I
also didn't mind him just going straight into "Every Grain of Sand", the
finale of the night.  Next up: Cincinnati!

Joe Hollon


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