St. Paul, Minnesota

Xcel Energy Center

November 7, 2012

[Craig Planting]

Review by Craig Planting

Bob put on a good show last night. The highlights for me were: "Blind 
Willie McTell," "Early Roman Kings," "Ballad of a Thin Man," "Things Have 
Changed" and Marc Knopfler playing with Bob. Its amazing how Bob never
runs  out of ways to change his songs. The music has even evolved since I 
saw him play Fargo in August. He's letting the guitarists solo more which
is  great and he's moving into a style that incorporates early-Jazz, Jump 
Blues (I think...?) and early Rock and Roll. He's swinging in a relaxed,
fluid  way instead of rocking out. The drums are more pitter-pat, than

Knopfler sounded great, but I couldn't help wishing he'd  play more Dire
Straits tunes. The crowd was attentive all the way through  his excellent,
but subdued set and he could have rewarded us with "Sultans of  Swing,"
"Romeo and Juliet" or "Skateaway." He did play "So Far Away From Me,"  but
it was just one more ultra-mellow song. 

The other thing that struck me last night is how politically correct rock 
concerts have become. They used to feel a little dangerous. Now, nobody
smokes,  not even pot in the bathroom, there are no fights, no one is on
tripping their  brains out on acid trying to climb over the back of seats,
no breasts are bared  and no strangers are enjoying a little illicit rub
together in the dark. Perhaps  its better this was and less distracting,
but I miss the edge concerts used to  have. One guy sitting in front of me
pulled out a newspaper and read the  financial section in between Knopfler
and Dylan. Whatever happened to the  revolution? 

I had pretty bad seats and when Bob went into "Like a Rolling Stone" I
 the show was almost over. My buddy Scott and I snuck onto the main floor
and  went up the center aisle to the front. We tried to blend in but
immediately got  kicked out. I tried to stand at three or four other spots
on the main floor  and the elderly security guards were all over me. I
understand that they're just  doing their jobs but I wasn't in anyone's
way and the show was just minutes from  ending. If it had been general
admission on the floor it would have been more  suited to my naughty
attempt to get closer to the band. Still, it was a great  show and I'm
glad I got to see Bob right after the election. 

Craig Planting
Minneapolis, MN


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