Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Koninklijk Theater Carre

November 7, 2015

[Chris Barnard]

Review by Chris Barnard

The final evening in Amsterdam saw little change: the weather was still
mild, cloudy and wet... and the set list did not change either. Unlike the
two previous shows, I was a bit further and higher up, which had upsides
and downsides. The height gave me a good view of the stage, and being in
the cheaper seats (although that is a relative term!) meant that I was not
surrounded by "alternative" professionals with too much money and a failed
attempt at a Blonde on Blonde hairdo. Instead, next to me were two young
guys who were very excited ("did you know Dylan lives in a trailer?!"",
but also attempted to talk through some of the Sinatra songs. On the other
side was a real gem, an Amsterdam woman of around 60 who last say Bob in
1995... when he came on stage, she said: "I think I'm going to cry".

Bob was in a dark suit, this time with a black stripe down the leg, and
with the band he produced an excellent first set. Very solid... strong
harmonica on She Belongs to Me. The second set was more energetic than the
previous evenings. High Water was good, but Early Roman Kings blew the
audience away. Same with Spirit on the Water: waves of applause. And as
previous evenings, Long and Wasted Years and Autumn Leaves were

All in all a fantastic three evenings and worth every cent. And as the
wonderful lady next to me said: "Bob shows that you are as young as you
feel". Indeed!


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