Port Chester, New York
Capitol Theatre

November 7, 2023

[Stephen Goldberg] [Barry Gloffke]

Review by Stephen Goldberg

Never one for hyperbole but last night was one of my all time favorite
Dylan shows and Iíve been to around 200 or so. His singing was clear and
passionate, no more irritating upsinging, no more singsong, no as Amati
improved dramatically more barking. The new arrangements for the R&R songs
ar an improvement bringing an energy and bounce that was previously
lacking. The new drummer is simply great, probably the most notable
difference from the last time Dylan came through. Dylanís keyboard
playing has improved to the point of being ridiculously good. I donít
know if heís taken lessons or itís the baby grand, but boy can he
play! I used to cringe at every sour note. There were none last night. His
phrasing was impeccable, bringing a snarl to You Go Your Way and tender as
can be on Every Grain Of Sand and Made Up My Mind. The Capitol Thester was
worth the 90 minute drive. The YONDR pouch was hassle free and except for
the asshole next to me who talked through every slow song, a wonderful
concert experience. Next stop for us Waterbury.


Review by Barry Gloffke

--------- What a show!!

First night, Port Chester, NY. This is show 3 of 14 for me on this leg of
the Rough and Rowdy Ways tour. My wife (hi Jacqueline!) attended tonight
for her first of four shows she will see in the next two weeks.

Bob doesn't often do GA shows, but when he does, the anticipation is
heightened and the air a bit more excited. And if you want to be near the
man, well that means putting in the effort... showing up early and
waiting... and waiting... and waiting. But it's very rewarding when that
effort pays off for an up close view of Bob and even more rewarding if you
get one of the GREAT Bob shows. This was one of those. Bob hit the floor
ready and willing†as he actually sang the first lines of WATCHING THE
RIVER FLOW directly into the microphone... nice and clear. There was no
mumbling tonight from Bob. He just flat out delivered a gem. Every song
tonight hit the right notes for me... Bob did not repeat/nor miss lines
tonight†as he sang with passion and tenderness. The crowd up front was
energized and I think Bob felt that vibe. He certainly looked like he was
enjoying himself. His piano playing was fabulous and the Band was
scintillating. The new song arrangements are a breath of fresh air each
night as Bob never seems to do anything the same way twice. The
arrangements leave a lot of breathing space for Bob's vocals/or piano
riffs. My wife, Jacqueline, also thought this was a top notch event,
although she still has not come around to enjoying MOTHER OF MUSES... such
is life, such is happiness.

I was hoping for an upbeat cover tonight such as TRUCKIN'.†But once again
Bob decided mellow was the way to go and who am I to argue --- Bob
delivered†a touching, soft and tender version of FOOTLIGHTS which I know
much better than when I heard it in Boston on Sunday. Brilliant! Bob
was†in comedy mode during Band intros. When introducing Bob Britt he said
"Bob quit a career in the medical profession... he ran out of patients".

The only downer tonight was the way the Capitol Theater checked you in...
they not only had metal detectors, but they also patted you down... twice!
I'm not a fan of pat-downs as I don't like to be treated like a criminal.
And using SAFETY as an excuse is bogus. I don't want to live in a security
state and I certainly don't live my life worrying about a one-in-a-million
event possibly ensuing.

Many happy Bobcats before and after the show. Nice to see Downtown Ben,
Beacon Bar Mike (go easy with the bottle my friend), Johnny from
CALI/Boston show and our new friend Nona from NJ. Hello to the others I

Up next Port Chester, NY 2. Don't you miss it!


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