Brussels, Belgium

Forest National

November 10, 2013

[Jos Sarens]

Review by Jos Sarens

Well folks, having no ticket, I decided that I couldn't miss bob in my neighborhood
no way;  So, after a rush to get from a 25k run in bottrop Germany to the hall in 
Brussels on time, I was standing next to 'miss free ticket' and posterseller Tim, 
someone heard I was ticketless and sold me the one of his sick wife (hope she 
gets better soon Ives) I got a very good seat and met a new dylanfan I should 
have seen over the years at many concerts (as so many now)

8 o 'clock sharp, usual stuff, just a shuffle between Dusquesne and Waiting for 
You and an ERK in stead of the other changing songs on that spot. Again a very 
solid performance overall. Love Sick again, Forgetful  Heart and Simple Twist 
highlighting, but just. The bunker Vorst Nationaal is is even better for 
the(blues)rocking sound of some songs as for surtain Watchtower, Pay in Blood
and ERK.

The crowd responded very enthousiast, they sure love him in Brussels, lots of 
real true followers, but as we people are: calm, listening and then showing our 
appreciation before starting to discuss the concert in the pubs around 'till late at 
night. We closed up meeting the filming girls again and are looking forward to 
Esch Rockhalle now. Sorry, We're gonna skip the small expensive venue in Paris.

See you around guys and may you stay forever young
Jos from dendermonde


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