Saint Bonaventure, New York
Saint Bonaventure University
Reilly Center Arena
November 11, 2004

[Joachim Stewart Neumann], [Jerry Van V.], [Christopher Smith], [Chuck Owen]

Review by Joachim Stewart Neumann

First of all, what a great place for a Bob's Fest, what a gentle crowd.
Never that I found it so easy to get in the front row. There was no
pushing around like at those venues in Europe. It was quite a positive

To come to the show: without doing too many words about how he sang that
song or the other, how he was dressed and all those stuff, here's my plain
impression: it was a great night, with Bob giving each song his
fingerprint (on the piano, of course), in a joyful mood like I never
mentioned before. At the end of the show you could hear his laughter about
a joke in the front row without a microphone. Larry as always was
excellent, his pedal-steel playing is absolutely outrageous. And he played
it quite a few times this night! Tony looked a bit bored at the beginning,
but finally came close up. Still I miss (no, not Charlie) Freddie on the
other guitar. Seems to me that Stu is still wondering what he's going to
do. George was doing a fine job and kept the band going. The only thing I
wish the band would change, besides everybody is waiting for Bob grabbing
the guitar one more time, is the fact, that I miss the back vocals of
those days when Larry and Charlie were using the mics!

After all, it was a great evening with Bob and the Band....don't you dare
miss it!


Review by Jerry Van V.

The trail led us to Olean, N.Y. population to small to count, nestled in
the foothills of the allegany mts. as they make there way to appalachia.
Bob Dylan tonight. The excitement was not as intense as some nights, but
it was great to be there. I could hardly hear the piano all night, the
vocals were not as clear as i would have liked. There was some slapback
too. The highlight for me was alot of nice harp work and clearly the star
was Larry on pedalsteel guitar, absolutely beautiful accompanment, and a
couple of heavenly solos. Especially on Just like a women. THe band has
been playing a great variety of material, and I think Bob is succeeding in
bringing his music to a new audience, There were alot of first timers at
the show, and Iam sure most were very happy to hear the MUSIC. No one else
can do what Bob does, he plays everywhere the big cities and the off the
map places like north dakota and nova scotia, and  Vilar de Mouros in
Portugal. He is an American treasure, and he is not done spreading the
message through his MUSIC, the brotherhood of man. MUSIC IS THE BEST!!!!! 
VIVA BOB DYLAN  Forever young.

Jerome VAN V.


Review by Christopher Smith

trying to describe this show is simple. it was fantastic! i finally hit my
30th show and it was a beauty. bob was on and the crowd responded with
much enthusiasum. drifter's was rocking and the band was tight. an awesome
dignity & tweedle were next. they really did a nice job of tom thumb's
which the crowd appreciated oh so much. after it's alright, a beautiful
just like a woman appeared followed by the always welcomed high water. i
was happy to hear forever young and although highway 61 is often played it
was pretty rippin'! a differnt slow,mellow styled moonlight followed and
then a truly great version of thin man was next. bob was in fine form
smiling and twisting his hips while hitting the keys as tony and larry
looked on. it aint me babe was nice, summer days got the usual excellent
treatment and then of course the encores. they too were better than
average. what made the show was bob's energy and enthusiasum! great
deliverance and true grit straight from the heart! can't wait till

Christopher Smith
Welland, Ontario, Canada


Review by Chuck Owen

I made the two and a half hour drive from my home in Welland Ontario
Canada, there was a slight rain during my drive to the campus, and it was
a rather gloomy day cold and gray clouds covered the sky.But as usual when
Bob Dylan tours nearby, I'll travel in any kind of weather to watch him
and his band perform. I've been known to drive up to five hours just to
catch one of his sets. I've been a fan of his for forty years and I have
seen him in concert about forty times as he usually tours nearby.

Well the concert tonight was just what I expected with a few surprises
thrown in. Bob Dylan opened with a searing version of "Drifters Escape"
followed by a wonderful performance of "Dignity" this is one of my
favorite songs in his massive catolog. Dylan swung through "Tweedle Dee &
Tweedle Dum" followed by the rarity "Just Like Tom Thumbs Blues". Dylan by
this time had total control of where he was taking the audience. With his
mixture of old classics along with current hits Dylan whipped the near
capacity crowd into another frenzy with a roaring version of "Highway 61
Revisited", when he followed with "Moonlight" the audience was so quiet
you could hear a pin drop.

Dylan closed his main set with a beautiful version of "Summer Days" then
he took a short break and when he returned he whipped the audience into
another frenzy with "Like A Rolling Stone" and a really great version of
"All Along The Watchtower". I can't say enough about one of Bob Dylan's
performances. But if you missed it you should go out of your way to catch
him the next time he swings by. Because I can say one thing about a Bob
Dylan concert his next appearance will surely be better then his last. For
Bob Dylan is truly an icon in the music industry and a bonafied living

Thank you

Chuck Owen
Welland ON Canada


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