Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville Palace

November 12, 2021

[Laurette Mallet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

Louisville.Louisville Novembre 11.After the disaster of Knoxville;
missed the show because of the Greyhound bus delay, I hope for a better
day in Louisville. I'm already assured a ticket. Thanks to Corky, my
Louisville Good Samaritan.I am also assured a place to stay with my
Couchsurfing host David. After a Greyhound bus delay of 4 hours in
Knoxville (again) I reach Louisville just on time for David to pick me up
after his work.This is a day off so David invites me for a wine party with
friends in the evening. I have a good time but I feel tired and out of
place. I don't drink alcohol much. I try the white wines but it
doesn't fit me. I feel disy.Time to have a good night sleep on a
comfortable couch.November 12.David drives me to Muhammad Ali birth house
and to his tomb( Muhammad Ali's not David's :)) in the Louisville
cemetery.We have a  'pho' for lunch, which is a  Vietnamese soup, in a
nice restaurant and we take a walk to the old bridge, over the river. The
weather is fine and we have a good time. I then spend some time with
David's friends in an Artisans' market.A cook originally from Ouagadougou
is cooking Montpellier dishes for the Americans :)So far so good!Time now
for serious matter!David drops me at the Palace around 6 p.m.I take a walk
around the theater for one hour, and it's now time to get in.My hand bag
is too big for the theater policy so I put all my items in my pockets and
hide the bag under my jacket! Weird! But that will do the trick.The
Theater is gorgeous, a Museum in itself. I'm lost because there is no
obvious signs and ushers are sparse. I was sure to be on the balcony but
no, I'm floor section.As I want to take my seat, a man is already there.
Oops! He is Corky, ma Good Samaritan. We start chatting forever when Bob
Dylan decides, after 15 minutes and so pass show time, to appear all in
black.Immediately the public is up and will stay up until the 7th or 8th
song. Good for me. My seat is on the isle and I! Bob is
picking up on the good vibes and deliver  a remarkable show beginning to
end.My mask is down and I can actually karaoke with Bob. Corky is not the
less enthusiastic as well as a yougster behind us.It feels like the good
old shows from 2012. And though it's a small gorgeous theater and capacity
limited to 3000, the atmosphere is not  reserved at all.I will not pick a
highlight as ALL the songs were perfectly executed. At least I, ME,
enjoyed all of them.Just, for me, a minus on "Mother of muses".It is also
the time for fans to go to the.... toilets.It used to be on ERK:(There is
something in that song I quite can't connect with! A sort of borring
prayer? But nothing to complain about the perfect diction.Before EGOS.
Bob cracks a joke I don't get and presents the Band.The entire theater is
on its feet for the final.Bob spends, it seems, few more seconds facing
the crowd before disappearing.Excellent communication tonight on both
sides.Louisville is a great city!Corky an Angel so David in his own way.I
won't sleep tonight as I catch th 2.30 a.m. bus to the .... Next show.What
else to do?Thanx good people of Louisville!Cordialement Mme Maillet


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