Charleston, West Virginia

Charleston Municipal Auditorium

November 13, 2021

[Susan Laing], [Brien Lewis], [Laurette Maillet], [Jack Fate]

Review by Susan Laing

Ö extended fingers pointing in the air for emphasis, for me this was
reminiscent of his masterful stand confronting the ĎJudasí heckler
Manchester May 16 1966.

Saturday night, Charleston W.V. - 13th November 2021 and the defiant stand
was a confrontation with the universal truth time delivers.

Again he was masterful.

Smooth and memorable like the best whiskey complete with telltale
aftertasteÖ a complex blend indeed.

The entire concert was my personal highlight.

 Friendsí comments:
Dan (travelled from Superior W.I.)
ďThis is my first time seeing Dylan and I REALLY enjoyed the strong
voice, heís been an icon my whole life and it was great to knock this
off my bucket listĒ

Isaac (travelled from Houston TX - listened to Dylan from birth)
ď This time period of Dylanís performance just keeps getting better in
every way ď
 PS Bob moves in mysterious ways - Isaac finally decided to get THE
 vaccine the day NYC tickets went on sale and is heading to 2 more shows

Rich (travelled from Duluth MN Ö Isaacís dad)
ď Iíve followed Dylan since 1980 and tonightís show was great,
strong as everĒ

PS his entire family will be together for the Beacon Theater concert.

Lauren (Charleston)
ďIíve always wanted to see Dylan and he was different to what I
expectedÖI studied him in music theory and live he is just so
differentÖ ĎKey Westí was my favorite!Ē

The entire concert was my highlight.


Review by Brien Lewis

This was my 3rd show on this tour following Cincinnati and Louisville
earlier this week. Compared to the new and impressive Aronoff Center in
Cincinnati and the spectacular, ornate Palace in Louisville, the
Charleston Municipal Auditorium was a bit of an ancient, Brutalist
architecture barn. Its breadth made it felt much less intimate, a feeling
compounded by the fact that there were several seats in the rear, sides
and balcony left unsold. That said, the folks in the crowd were warm and
appreciative - especially the young lady near me (could not have been more
than about 15) who was experiencing her first ever Dylan show. She was so
excited and said that the only thing that could make it better for her was
if he was playing with The Band or Johnny Cash, so she clearly knew her

The crowd mostly stayed seated (which helped since the rake of the venue
was pretty mild and if someone tall was in front of you your view was
significantly impeded). They were an enthusiastic audience though, with
loud and heartfelt applause and cheers at certain lines or moments as well
as at the end of each song. Bob's only chat came during the band
introductions, and as he was highlighting Tony Garnier he made a reference
to the songwriter of "Giddy Up Go" as being from "this place". (By the
way, Bob is correct: Woodrow Wilson "Red" Sorvine is from Charleston, West
Virginia - the Nobel Laureate never ceases to amaze with his encyclopedic
knowledge of American and traditional music!)

As the setlist was the same as the prior shows, I won't dwell on it except
to mention a few elements that stood out. The band gets better with each
show as they learn each other's moves (and Bob's), especially noticeable
on "Key West" which improves with each performance. "Goodbye Jimmy Reed"
seemed to start off a little slow and ragged but smoothed out even though
it didn't seem to have the same punch as prior nights. "Gotta Serve
Somebody" continues to be the standout rocker with a driving arrangement
that really gets the crowd up and moving. For me the highlights continue
to be the moments (and sometimes they are only moments) when Bob comes out
from behind the piano, gets into a little crouch, and really *delivers*
the lyrics from the new material from "Rough and Rowdy Ways". The standout
continues to be the mesmerizing "I Contain Multitudes" but "Black Rider"
gets more interesting with each rendition as well.

It should go without saying but... don't miss a show if you can make one.
Bob's vocal performances continue to be the best in the dozen years I have
been going to his concerts and it was such a good feeling to be enjoying
live music again. Thank you, Bob and band, for coming out on the road
Brien Lewis
Lexington, KY


Review by Laurette Maillet

After the Louisville fabulous show David pics me up and we spend few
hours chatting about this and that. He will drive me to the greyhound
station. My bus to Columbus is on time, 2.20a.m. But things happen! A
passenger is sick and request an ambulance. The driver pulls the bus on
the side on the freeway until a patrol and rescue team take care of the
problem. Off we go.Arriving in Columbus at 9 a.m. I grab myself a small
breakfast, waiting for Pat to pick me up for a ride to Charleston. The
ride is a great adventure in itself; the trees turning automne colors and
traffic is light. Though I am over tired I don't want waste time sleeping.
I enjoy the country sight!Reaching Charleston at 3 p.m., just on time for
checking at the Ecolodge. Two hours rest and off we go.Charleston is a
sprayed out city. Old coal mine city. Along a river, trapped† between two
rocky hills.We have difficulty finding the Municipal Auditorium. It's an
ugly public. Just a block of concrete.†Three buses are parked behind the
building, but not Bobby's bus.Thanks to Corky I have 2 tickets for tonight
show. I exchange one with Pat so we can be seated side by side , and try
to sale the extra.No success.By 7 p.m. my friend Jack Fate greets me and
we† see the BD's bus pulls in. Bob just arrived.:)It's freezing cold and
we get inside. No COVID test requested. No mask requested.The building is
as ugly inside as outside.†The walls painting is pilling out. The
atmosphere is cold.Public cold too.Bob starts 8 p.m. sharp.Dressed
as....yesterday :)The Audience is polite, nothing to do with the
enthusiastic crowd of yesterday.I am over tired and admit that at times my
mind drifts away. I fight to stay awake, particularly on the long songs.
'Key west' seems to last forever, so 'Mother of muses'.Bob is most of the
time behind his piano. Nothing like last night where he was almost dancing
for the audience.The Band is coherent, Bob's voice is clear and loud but
it's my least good show tonight.We rapidly drive to the Motel and I crash
on the bed.Thanx Corky and Pat to make my day a great day!


Review by Jack Fate

Iíve seen bob on my birthday November 12 or the night before or after
many times . So with tickets for the beacon I was beyond happy when my
sister and brother in law gave me a birthday present of two Dylan tickets
to West Virginia. Saturday morn me and my dylanologist wife Kimberly
headed out from New Jersey. Hitting the first snow of the season in the
West Virginia mountains. Beautiful. We arrived at the hotel around five .
Walked from the hotel to a restaurant for a quick bite to eat and then to
the venue. There where the red tractor trailers, the bands bus and then
bobs . Me and my wife where so dam happy, we had thought the beacon run of
2019 might be it . I was content sad but content if that was it . How
could I not be after following bob going on 40 years since I was a kid .
Seeing so many amazing shows . The beacon were some of the best I ever saw
so if that was it how could I complain? Iíve seen a lot of complaints
about the venue. I thought it was fine , not beautifully redone like the
met in Philadelphia or turn of last century beauty of the beacon but it
was fine . Looked like from the fifties. You could walk to restaurant, bar
and hotel. We got to our seats , so glad to see my friend from France and
talk with her . Thatís a whole different thing , the experience of
meeting and making great friends from people all over when you follow
dylan . As the lights went down I looked at my beautiful wife and thought
Iím sitting here with her and Dylan about to come out for me and her 
for first time two years . Life does not get better. Then I see his shadow
making his way to the piano. The lights come on there he is . He goes
right into watching the river and most likely. Iím on another planet
surreal , looking at new band , looking at tony and Donnie like friends
they are familiar friends after so many shows . Looking at the green drum
set . Looking at the lit stage , not seeing the klieg lights , the Mardi
Gras beads , the statues and the Oscar . I knew the times are a changing.
Then I hear something I never heard live , today and tomorrow yesterday to
, the flowers are dying like all things do . Wow , holy s:it I look at my
wife smiling, is it just me or is he sounding amazing? No itís not me he
is and those lines start me thinking about life which I will for the rest
of the show . Then Iím the enemy of treason the enemy of strife the
enemy of the unlived meaningless life . As he digs in and enunciates every
word . Loved false prophet listening to him sing the lyrics I wanted go
back in life and smash every one who wronged me , I wanted to gouge the
eyes out of any of my past enemy. I didnít want to forgive and forget ,
I wanted to bring vengeance to someoneís head . When I paint my
masterpiece. One of my favorites since I first listen to bob as a child ,
great version. Band sounding awesome, then black rider , I believe rough
and rowdy is one of his greatest masterpieces and him singing the
haunting, beautiful, happiness, love , hate , despair in the lyrics was
amazing his voice was absolutely incredible. Obviously Iím not one that
ever said ohh I canít understand him but if your one of them come see
him now . Every word clear as could be every syllable a annunciated ,  key
west his voice more beautiful then Sinatra and Holliday If you doubt me go
see and hear for yourself . Got to serve and Roman kings rocking .
Speeding through the forest racing down the track , you try to get away
they drag you back ! F/chi/g A they do bob . Jimmy read wow lights dim
band introduced a little joke . Iím sitting in amazement can he really
be this great at 80 . Is it humanly possible to write and perform
masterpieces for 60 years . Hell yes but itís only ever been done by Bob
Dylan.  When I talk music n shows I see with family , friends I donít
include Dylan but when they bring up I tell them you get it or you donít
. If you donít get it no need to read any farther. Only someone who gets
Dylan could relate. The first notes to every grain of sand . In the time
of my confession in the hour of my deepest need , I look over at my wife
cliche but the love of my life Iíve known her since she was in
elementary school my heart is filled with gratitude sitting here with her
watching the greatest. Thereís a dying voice within me reaching out
somewhere. Now Iím thinking back to last November sitting in my basement
listening to rough n rowdy sick as a dog with covid cover with blankets
and space heater on me thinking am I going to get out of this place alive.
Then he sings toiling in the danger and the morales of despair. I feel the
tears rolling down my cheek as I think of the hell of last December.
Losing five family and loved ones thinking of the heart ache my wife went
through as her dad died thinking of the call from my hysterical sister In
law that my other sister in law ( sisters f the in law ) was laying dead
in the hallway of her house . A young 61 healthy gone in a blink of and
eye . One of my wifeís best friend another call another heart break
young 61 me her and my wife rushed the stage at last show beacon now gone
in a flash . Thinking of the phone ringing over n over in those few weeks
with another dead . I swore if one more and Iíll never answer the phone
again. It rang three more times , didnít have the strength to get up and
take another shot . Like Cain the chain of events I must break he sings ,
and Iím thinking of others gone long ago my parents, lord I miss them
daily decade in decade out , my uncle who was one of the kindest person on
this earth to me , he bought my tickets for the first time I saw bob . One
of my best friends who committed suicide when we were kids . Oh the
flowers of indulgence and the weeds of yesteryear . He sings then onward
in my journey Iíve come to understand every hair is numbered like every
grain of sand and I feel the tears in the corner of my mouth cause now
Iím smiling. Im looking at my wife and the life she gave me . If you all
knew the life I had and where I was at you would realize how incredible
she is and wouldnít have to depend on me to tell the story. Iím
smiling thinking of all the beautiful grains of sand my beloved wife my
son the greatest who makes me so happy and proud , great brothers , the
best nephews. The greatest sister who not only gave me these tickets but
my two nieces two of my best friends in the world even though when I told
the eight year old Iím seeing bob dylan she said ok so ! Lol at least
her and her sister know who bob Dylan is because their uncle makes them
listen to him in his truck , every grain of sand the younger generations
have a glorious life ahead . Some times I turn and thereís someone there
other times itís only me he sings and I realize in one song bob dylan
sings to me my whole life flashes before me death , life , sadness,
happiness, love and gratitude. No other artist could do that , you get it
or you donít . And like that heís gone . Me and my wife walk out in
the cool crisp Charleston air . I heard someone say he didnít play like
a rolling stone I didnít know anything. Oh well you canít move the
world for everyone.

Jack Fate 


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