Providence, Rhode Island

Providence Performing Arts Center

November 15, 2014

[Ernie Pancsofar]

Review by Ernie Pancsofar

A good time was had by all
This crisp November day in the Fall
In the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantation
Dylan and his band met my every expectation
A little mellow and slow in its cadence
Some different lyrics gave us the evidence
Of a master story teller - a man of art
As he shared from his work - he shared from his heart -
Rust and dust in Tangled Up in Blue
Were rhymes that added to this song's hue
And it was in the year of 1958
In song eleven's Simple Twist of Fate.
The only distraction that I could detect
Was loud laughter a few rows back to the left.
I have averaged one show a year since 1989
And it's off to Philadelphia as I cross the state line
And focus on some lyrics from a tune or two
And write down my thoughts and reflections anew.

Ernie Pancsofar


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