Hershey, Pennsylvania

Hershey Theatre

November 16, 2021

[Futzi Wailer], [David Mendick], [Andy Saylor], [Mark Kraynak], [Lynette Maillet]

Review by Futzi Wailer

After a 6 hour drive that should have taken 4 we pulled into what Bob
called “chocolate town”. The venue is in stone building that looks
more like a museum then a theater. Inside it looks like a castle. We had
first row lodge seats directly in front of Bob. The stage is amazing as
the floor lights up when the band takes the stage illuminating them In an
eerie glow. I’m not sure it can be appreciated from the orchestra. The
curtains behind the stage were a crimson red, especially effective during
Black Rider and My Own Version Of You. Sound was near perfect though we
thought Bob Britt’s guitar was a bit loud and the drums often inaudible.
Bob’s vocals were crystal clear. The Rough & Rowdy Ways songs were the
highlights, the older songs less so. The new arrangements were to my ears
inferior to the recorded versions or even previous live incarnations with
the exception of Every Grain Of Sand. I never liked the song live but this
time Bob got it right.

Futzi Wailer


Review by David Mendick

Truly a miracle. Bob Dylan back on stage. I secretly selfishly imagined he
may never play live again. I would have the last ever review of the last
ever show at the Anthem in Washington DC. Yes. Check it out. That was me.
Thank god he’s back and I joined the tour at the most gorgeous theater
you could wish for. And yes it’s true that at age 80 Dylan’s live show
is better than ever. Of course he should play so many songs from the new
album. Music is meant to be heard live and this album sounds better live.
Melancholy Mood was pure Sinatra. And I saw Sinatra. Dylan had the
audience spellbound. I can’t wait to rejoin the tour in Philadelphia and
once again end in DC. It was fun catching up with some old Bob fans
beforehand - Howie and Eric and Ava in a crazy onesie. 

David Mendick


Comments by Andy Saylor

The thing I want to convey is that he sang “I’ve Made Up My Mind to
Give Myself to You” to the audience.  He leaned up over the piano,
holding the edge of it, the edge closest to the audience, as he sang it.
He was singing it to us.  I thought maybe I was imagining things but
afterwards my wife said she had the same experience before I told her that
had been mine.  Melancholy Mood, which I thought I’d have to tolerate,
was delightful.  There was a significant segment of the sold-out crowd who
were very enthusiastic for the new songs and that was delightful too. 
Thank you Bob.


Review by Mark Kraynak

Great to see Bob back out on the road.  The new songs played live were very 
compelling.  He only came out twice from behind the piano and was a bit 
unsteady on his feet - but he is 80.  Lots of the songs were done up in a 
great original rock n roll style.  It was great to see the new songs getting a
strong reception. Played with the lyrics quite a bit on 'Masterpiece'.  You 
could see him shuffling the lyric sheets while he was playing.  He sure does 
love those pants with the stripe down the side.  Bob must have a hundred 
of them.  A very nice show.   

Mark Kraynak 


Review by Laurette Maillet

After Moon township Pat agreed to come with me and drive me to the 
Hershey show. It's four hours drive.

We make it good and check in the Harrisburg/Hershey Ecolodge at 4 p.m.

We rest for a while before heading to the venue. A nice theater in a 
quiet area.

I bought two tickets from Ticketmaster without problem.

The theater is a nice one, well decorated. Our seats are not the best but 
on the floor anyway.

Bob takes the stage on time. The Stravinsky intro is shorter and shorter. I 
don't even remember hearing it anymore! The stage is barren as usual, 
except for the instruments.

'Watching the river flow' starts in confusion. The public is not wild but 
remain seated.

'I contain multitude' is on the piano and not center stage. Bob disappears 
often behind the piano.

'False prophet' will be the highlight ,for me, tonight. Powerful and the 
Band is tight.

'When I paint my masterpiece' always moves me. I wish it could be 
true for me.

'Black rider'. Bob's voice is powerful. But he is at the piano, holding his stand.

I close my eyes for the long songs and focus and Bobby's diction. Loud and 
clear. He is claiming his poetry. The Band is good enough just to back up 
oftly and adequately, particularly Donnie on the steal guitar adding a touch 
of melancholy with the violin or mandolin. At times playing a balalaika tune
or a valse melody. I feel like dancing.

'Melancholy Mood' starts with a soft intro by the Band. Bob is seated on his 
piano stool, side way from the audiance. Unusual!

He will stand and hold the center mike, between Tony Garnier and Bob 
Britt, but he will remain static and scooped. Like his back is hurting.

That song is too short, for me. But this is the only one Bob will do center 
stage tonight. :(

'Gotta serve somebody' will make the audience react with a loud applauce.

The three last songs are lacking of energy. Bob's voice is tired. His tentative
of modulation on 'Mother of muses' are lost in a rasping voice!

He is tired!

We rapidly leave the venue and by a pure hazard Bob's bus is pulling out in 
front of us.

Bye bye Bobby. Take care see you in New York!


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