Toronto, Ontario

Sony Centre For The Performing Arts

November 18, 2014

[Mike Hodnett], [John Levesque], [Stu Gilmour]

Review by Mike Hodnett

I agree with the reviewer of yesterday's show that the acoustics in the
Sony Centre were especially good.  It was noticeable from the beginning
where "Things Have Changed" was so crystal clear.  A soft seat venue was
much appreciated by my tired old bones.  I wonder if the recently adopted
practice of an intermission is a recognition that we hard core fans aren't
getting any younger.

The version of TUIB matches that found on Bootleg #5.  I always thought
telling the story in the third person made more sense.  "High Water" was
closest to the recorded version that I've ever heard.  It seemed that
Donnie's banjo was more prominent in the mix.  For that matter, his pedal
steel was up higher, too.  The rendition of "Forgetful Heart" was

I had an irreverent thought during the encore - what would it take to get
Bob to play "Blowing in the Wind" as a sing-along?  But what the hell, if
he weren't so perverse, he wouldn't be as great as he is.  If I have to
get older, it's important to have a few things that I can count on.  A
Dylan show is one of them.

Mike Hodnett


Review by John Levesque

Those who opted not to catch the current incarnation of Bob's live show,
perhaps because of the  static set lists and the focus on 21st century
songs, have robbed themselves of something truly special. The band has
never been this cohesive or responsive to the needs of each individual
song. The sound mix has never been this delicate, with all facets of the
music beautifully lit, including Bob's increasingly nimble singing voice.

With the possible exception of Scarlet Town, which was a full-blown
masterpiece when it emerged in the recording studio, every song from
Tempest has grown in stature on this leg of the tour. What you get in
these songs is an artist blending tenderness, rage, wistfulness and
contentment into something entirely unique. The venues he has chosen for
this year's shows provide the perfect setting for the very intimate
musical experience Bob and his band provide. The audience settled into it
and savored every moment. As ever, Bob rewards those who "stay with him". 

John Levesque


Review by Stu Gilmour

A frosty evening in the Big Smoke. The perfect venue for Mr Dylan and
band. Hey, is that Gordon Lightfoot chatting with some fans? Yes the great
Canadian icon is here and looking well. In to the hall for the start of
what turned into a magical evening. The band is at full speed from the
first chords. Mr Dylan's vocal output was the best I've heard in a very
long time. The stage set and lighting induced a feeling of almost spooky
intimacy. The set list may seem static for some die-hards but the level of
musicality is stunning. Plenty of room for the band to work their gear and
elevate this set to rank with the very best I've experienced. Mr Dylan can
still bend that old harp and his playing at the grand piano was fluid. The
evening flew by even with the intermission leaving this fan ready for
more. Back out into the cold for the trip home to Hamilton. I'm still
smiling. Like the man says - don't dare miss it.              

Stu Gilmour
Hamilton, Canada


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