Richmond, Kentucky
Eastern Kentucky University
EKU Center For The Arts

December 2, 2023


Review by Josh

Our fourth and final show on the tour.  It's unusual for me to get to see
shows at both ends of the tour, as I don't travel more than a couple
hundred miles for a show these days.  Interesting to see how some of the
songs have evolved and changed in the past 20 or so dates.

As compared to Grand Rapids and the Ohio dates in November, this
performance really stood out.

Crowd was both enthusiastic and respectful.  On their feet after every
song, and you could hear a pin drop in the still moments of the
performances.   A sense that all in attendance knew we were witnessing a
Master at Work.

Sound was excellent, the best that I heard this tour, great separation and
clarity for all the players, vocals strong and up front.  Nice and loud.

Curtain rose, Dylan and the band already in their places and the first
tune evolving out of the intro recorded music.

Dylan on fire from the drop tonight, savoring, biting off,
E-Nounce-E-Ating, every word.  Focused, lots of laughing and smiles.  Some
of the classic gestures that we love to see, nodding off to the side in
rhythm between lines, shaky knee dancing while seated at the piano.  Came
to the side of the piano and did the Pose twice during the show.  Standing
facing and talking to the band between almost every number.

Highlights included Black Rider, stark and ruthlessly honest.  To Be Alone
with You, Dylan bobbing his head and grinning all the way.  Key West, pure
genius, focused, committed.  Mother of Muses, triumphant and clear.   But
not a dud in the bunch tonight.

Left shaking my head at what a consummate performer Dylan is.  He had us
in his palm and knew it.  And such a joy to witness him having a good time
giving us the old song and dance.

Took my kids, 12 and 14, to their first Dylan show tonight.  Made me
notice the several other folks who were there with their kids.  My eldest,
14 years old, upon the lights coming on turned to me, "It's over
already?!!!  Why did you wait so long to bring me to see him?!!!"  The
12-year-old, who carries the Bard's namesake, was quieter but also
appreciated the performance.  After all the years and miles, it was such a
pleasure to share my passion and admiration for Dylan with them first
hand.  People tell me that I'm truly blessed.

Thanks Bill and thank goodness for Bob Dylan."


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